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Weekly Comment from Investment Center: Weak economic outlook in Europe and continued stimulus in the US and Japan

During  last week stockmarkets around the world has declined. It was mainly about taking profits rather than the beginning of a long-term decline. Continued monetary stimulus by centralbanks in both the US and Japan. The development in Europe and Sweden is still weak.

Tags: analysis, comment

28-05-2013 15:17    Comments    News

Swedbank awarded Gold Status in Latvian Sustainability Index

For the second consecutive year, Swedbank in Latvia has been awarded Gold Status in the national Sustainability Index and the title Family Friendly Company.

Tags: Sustainability Index

27-05-2013 11:31    Comments    News

Weekly Comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Recovery in the the U.S. Continues

The economic recovery continues in the US and it is now only a matter of time before the central bank begins to reduce its stimulus measures in the form of bond purchases. In Sweden, inflation declined which gave the markets hope for a rate cut as early as July.

23-05-2013 17:00    Comments    News

Weekly Comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Unchanged forecast pending new statistical data this week

There have not been any major changes in the global economy since the monthly report "Placeringsnytt" (Placement News) last week. China's growth is still below trend. A positive labour market trend in the US inspires confidence and Europe may be nearing the bottom of the business cycle. China reported mixed figures last week, with a downward trend, which confirms that China’s economic growth remains below trend.

17-05-2013 13:48    Comments    News

Swedbank awarded for its Investor Relations work

The magazine The Covered Bond Report has awarded institutions and deals that have demonstrated the best of the covered bond market in the past year, from April 2012 to March 2013. Swedbank was awarded for its investor relations work.

15-05-2013 15:21    Comments    News

Monthly Comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Improved global business cycle

Reduced political uncertainty in Europe's crisis countries, surprisingly positive order intakes and consumption in the US, and continued monetary policy stimulus mean that the improved global business cycle scenario remains.

07-05-2013 17:00    Comments    News

Anders Eklöf comments the ECB decision to lower the Interest Rate

Anders Eklöf, Chief FX Strategist at LC and I at Swedbank, is commenting on the ECB's decision to lower the interest rate.

Tags: ECB

03-05-2013 16:48    Comments    Videos

Weekly Comment from Swedbank Investment Center: New government in Italy and upwards for the Swedish economy

Italy has a new government, a broad coalition between different parties and with Enrico Letta as Prime Minister. A weak dollar and a large domestic market is boosting the U.S. economy. In Sweden, new orders in industry increase, albeit slowly.

30-04-2013 11:11    Comments    News

FinacialTimesVideos: "Swedbank -- steady as she goes"

Lex's Stuart Kirk and Oliver Ralph discuss around Swedbank and the Swedish bank sector.

29-04-2013 10:32    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Corporate Presentation, March 2013

A short presentation of Swedbank Group, 31 March, 2013.

23-04-2013 15:37    Comments    Presentations

Weekly comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Market climate makes for uncertainty in stockmarkets

Last week was an off-week for stockmarkets. First quarter macro figures came in weaker than market expectations, which resulted in risky assets being sold and profits taken. Most stockmarkets did well in the first three months so there was quite a bit of profit to take. Slower economic growth statistics from China and recurring concerns about growth in Europe also contributed to market uncertainty.

23-04-2013 14:34    Comments    Publications

CNBC interview with CEO Michael Wolf

Swedbank-CEO: Don't over-regulate the banking sector.

23-04-2013 09:50    Comments    Videos

CEO Michaael Wolf is commenting on the Q1 2013 Interim Report

CEO Michael Wolf and CFO Göran Bronner are commenting on the results for the first quarter 2013.

Tags: intrim report

23-04-2013 08:11    Comments    Videos

Presentation of Q1 2013 Results from the Analyst Conference

Presentation of Q1 2013 Results from the Analyst Conference by CEO Michael Wolf, CFO Göran Bronner and CRO Håkan Berg.

Tags: Interim Report

23-04-2013 07:17    Comments    Presentations

Interim Report January- March 2013

23-04-2013 06:30    Press releases

Cecilia Skingsley gives her view on the Swedish Repo Rate

Chief Economist Cecilia Skingsley at Swedbank, gives her view on the decision from the Executive Board of the Riksbank to hold the repo rate unchanged at 1 per cent and to make a downward adjustment to the repo-rate path.

Tags: repo rate

17-04-2013 11:49    Comments    Videos

Repo rate in Sweden unchanged at 1.0 per cent

Growth prospects are gradually brightening, but at the same time the forecast is that it will now take longer before inflation attains the target of 2 per cent. The repo rate needs to remain at a low level for a longer period of time to support the recovery to ensure that inflation rises towards the target. The Executive Board of the Riksbank has therefore decided to hold the repo rate unchanged at 1 per cent and to make a downward adjustment to the repo-rate path. Increases in the repo rate are not expected to begin until the second half of 2014.

17-04-2013 10:00    Comments    News

Swedbank Economic Outlook - a summary from Magnus Alvesson

Magnus Alvesson, Head of Economic Forecasts at Swedbank, is commenting on the report Swedbank Economic Outlook, presented on 10 April 2013.

Tags: Swedbank Economic Outlook, report, analysis

12-04-2013 13:53    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Economic Outlook - April 10, 2013

Northern lights – flickering but shining bright

10-04-2013 10:19    Comments    Publications

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January – March 2013

Swedbank’s interim report January – March 2013 will be published at 06.30 CEST on Tuesday, 23 April, 2013. You are invited to participate in the following presentations:

09-04-2013 11:00    Press releases