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Swedbank’s invests in its’ Debt Capital Markets division – Establishes EUR syndicate and announces Head of EUR Bond Sales

Swedbank Debt Capital Markets (DCM), part of Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I), has recently increased its focus on EUR new issues by establishing a EUR syndicate function headed by Per-Åke Nyberg. This year, Swedbank has acted as Lead Manager for a number of EUR issues such as Volvo, BNP Paribas Autonoria and Stockmann.

04-12-2012 09:15    Press releases

Purchasing Managers´Index - December 3, 2012

PMI inches up to 43.2 in November – continued contraction of the industrial economy

03-12-2012 16:42    Comments    Publications

The Latvian Economy - November 29, 2012

Why does the Latvian economy keep expanding so fast?

Tags: Latvia, Economics, GDP, Monthly Letter

29-11-2012 15:44    Comments    Publications

Swedbank reorganizes its Swedish operations to offer better digital banking solutions

Swedbank will restructure its Swedish operations as of January 1st 2013 in order to offer better customer experience, sharpen focus on developing digital banking services, and clarify branch offices´ role and responsibilities.

28-11-2012 08:30    Press releases

Flash comment: Estonia - November 26, 2012

Wages continue to grow at moderate speed

26-11-2012 16:31    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Best in Corporate Governance Reporting

Swedbank is Sweden’s best company in terms of corporate governance reporting. PwC arranged the Best Corporate Governance Reporting competition for the eighth time in order to highlight good examples of applying the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Tags: Corporate Governance, PwC, Award

26-11-2012 10:18    Comments    News

Flash comment: Lithuania - November 23, 2012

Real net wages continued contracting in the third quarter

23-11-2012 16:11    Comments    Publications

Can China's economy achieve a soft landing?

China is in the process of appointing members to the presidium and the pressure is great, especially in the longer term, for China's new politicians to implement growth-enhancing reforms. Everything possible will be done to maintain China's growth at relatively high levels.

22-11-2012 14:47    Comments    News

The Swedish Economy - November 22, 2012

The outside world makes itself heard – rapid slowdown in the Swedish economy

Tags: Sweden, Monthly letter, Economics

22-11-2012 09:40    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Executives to Be Followed by Job Shadowers on Thursday

Thursday, November 22, is the nationwide Job Shadow Day in Estonia involving the Job Shadow Day Crown. This year, the Job Shadow Day Crown involves the shadowing of 29 top players, including Andrus Ansip (Prime Minister), Priit Perens (Chairman of the Board of Swedbank Estonia) and Robert Kitt (Member of the Board of Swedbank Estonia).

21-11-2012 13:50    Comments    News

Swedbank Asia Analysis - November 21, 2012

China’s strained economy – the new political leaders should focus on reforms rather than stimulus

21-11-2012 09:50    Comments    Publications

These are taking over power in China - but are they the right people to tackle the many challenges?

These are taking over power in China - but are they the right people to tackle the many challenges?

On Thursday 15 November - with the 18th Party Congress in Beijing having ended the day before – it was announced whom the party had chosen as members of the new Politburo Standing Committee i.e. the real political power in China.

19-11-2012 09:48    Comments    Blog

Energy & Commodities - November 16, 2012

Commodity prices fall broadly

Tags: Oil, Crude, Commodities

16-11-2012 13:40    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - November 16, 2012

Unemployment rate fell to 12.3%, further improvement is less certain

Tags: Unemployment, Lithuania, Flash comment

16-11-2012 11:23    Comments    Publications

China's transfer of power: Western world's expectations of a rapid transformation are unreasonably high

China's transfer of power: Western world's expectations of a rapid transformation are unreasonably high

China's 18th Party Congress ends today and tomorrow, 15 November, we will know who will hold supreme power in the Politburo i.e. the people who will govern the country in the coming decade.

14-11-2012 15:42    Comments    Blog

Flash comment: Estonia - November 14, 2012

Unemployment rate falls to 9.7% in 3Q

Tags: Flash comment, Estonia, Unemployment

14-11-2012 11:55    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - November 14, 2012

Annual employment growth at 3.4% in the third quarter of 2012

Tags: Employment, Latvia, Flash comment

14-11-2012 11:42    Comments    Publications

Swedbank receives two Baltic PR Awards 2012

Two out of 10 Baltic PR Awards were received by Swedbank in the ceremony held in Riga on November 12. Swedbank Latvia was recognized in the Issues & Crisis Communication category for handling of the Swedbank rumor case in December last year and Swedbank Lithuania has received an award in Digital Communication for social media pioneering in Lithuanian banking sector.

13-11-2012 15:19    Comments    Videos

Flash comment: Estonia - November 12, 2012

Economic growth accelerates in 3Q

12-11-2012 17:07    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - November 9, 2012

Latvia is the fastest growing EU economy for the third consecutive quarter

Tags: GDP, Latvia, Flash comment

09-11-2012 16:44    Comments    Publications