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Financial markets relieved but the problems are not over

The financial markets breathed a sigh of relief at Sunday’s Greek election results - where the New Democracy party won the most votes and is expected to form a government with the Socialist party Pasok - and that the immediate threat of a "Grexit" with an ensuing euro collapse has thereby been averted.

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18-06-2012 15:48    Comments    News

Knut Hallberg comments on the Greece election and its effect on the  financial markets

Knut Hallberg comments on the Greece election and its effect on the financial markets

Knut Hallberg, Senior Economist at Large Corporate & Intitutions, Swedbank, comments on the Greece election and its effect on the financial markets.

18-06-2012 09:21    Comments    Videos

Housing Affordability Index for Batics - June 15, 2012

The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 104.9 in Vilnius and 155.3 in Tallinn, but decreased to 136.8 in Riga

Tags: HAI, Housing Affordability Index, Index, Baltic

15-06-2012 15:20    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Latvia ranks 2nd in the Reputation Top and has the best reputation among banks

On Tuesday, 12 June, the results of the Latvian Business Reputation Top 2012 were announced and Swedbank was ranked 2nd in the overall reputation top. Swedbank was also named as the employer with the best reputation in Latvia.

13-06-2012 15:36    Comments    News

Weekly comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Aid package to Spanish banks

Once again the past week has been full of significant variations. Probably the most important positive signal for the markets was that the Chinese central bank cut deposit and lending rates by 25 basis points.

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12-06-2012 14:09    Comments    News

Swedbank's Donation Environment in Estonia: 4 years, 473,290 euros and 45 organisations

Swedbank's Donation Environment in Estonia “I Love Helping”, which celebrates its fourth birthday in June, is still the largest and most effective donation environment in Estonia and already unites tens of thousands of donors.

11-06-2012 13:38    Comments    News

Magnus Alvesson, Swedbank, is commenting on the macro situation in Europe

Magnus Alvesson, Swedbank, is commenting on the macro situation in Europe

Magnus Alvesson, Head of Economic Forecasting at Swedbank, is commenting on the macro situation in Europe, especially on the current situation in Spain.

Tags: analysis, comment, macroeconomics

11-06-2012 11:13    Comments    Videos

Energy & Commodities - June 8, 2012

Shaky economic outlook and falling commodity prices

Tags: Energy, Commodities, Monthly letter, Analysis, Index

08-06-2012 16:34    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - June 8, 2012

CPI increased by 0.1% in May, deflation is likely in summer

Tags: Latvia, CPI, Flash comment

08-06-2012 16:18    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - June 8, 2012

GDP growth accelerated in 1Q 2012

Tags: Latvia, Flash comment, GDP

08-06-2012 16:08    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - June 8, 2012

CPI increased by 0.1% in May, deflation is likely in summer

Tags: Flash comment, Lithuania, CPI

08-06-2012 15:54    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Analysis, June 8, 2012

“Against the Odds – Lessons from the Recovery in the Baltics”

Tags: IMF, Baltic, Riga, Recovery

08-06-2012 13:59    Comments    Publications

Crisis hastens reshaping of eurozone institutions

Crisis hastens reshaping of eurozone institutions

It is obvious that the eurozone does not function during a crisis. It is not possible, under the terms of the treaty, to support countries at risk of suspending payments under the no bail-out clause, and the European Central Bank (ECB) cannot print money to finance member states' debts (monetary financing). At the same time member states cannot print their own money. A payment crisis can arise either because of a country's failure to exercise fiscal discipline and, so to speak, overdraw its account with ever-increasing budget deficits that drive up the national debt. Or a payment crisis may occur because the financial markets distrust the country which causes the risk premium and interest rates to rise so much that the situation becomes untenable. It usually is a combination of both of these causes.

07-06-2012 18:00    Comments    Blog

Monthly comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Greece and Spain drive down stockmarkets

US macro data was mixed in May and early June while both Asian and European figures were disappointing. The political problems in Greece and increasing concerns about Spain pushed down stockmarkets around the world. Investors’ reduced risk appetite also meant that the the already record-low market interest rates in many countries fell even further.

Tags: comment, analysis

07-06-2012 10:57    Comments    News

Purchasing Managers´Index Services May 2012

Services PMI falls to 47.7 in May: service sector economy continues to lose steam

Tags: PMI - Services, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Index

05-06-2012 08:30    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - June 1, 2012

Real average net wage up by 0.3% in 1Q 2012 from a year ago

Tags: Flash comment, Latvia, Wage

01-06-2012 16:38    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - June 1, 2012

Census shows population decline by 5.5% during the last decade

Tags: Estonia, Flash comment, Population

01-06-2012 16:27    Comments    Publications

The Lithuanian Economy - June 1, 2012

Broad-based growth in the beginning of 2012

Tags: Lithuania, GDP, Monthly Letter, Analysis

01-06-2012 15:54    Comments    Publications

Swedbank’s Financial Planner was voted best Estonian Banking Act of 2011

In the Best Banking Act contest organized by the Estonian Banking Association, the jury voted Swedbank’s Financial Planner as the best banking service of 2011.

01-06-2012 10:49    Comments    News

Swedbank opens Europe’s first social media based branch of a bank

Swedbank opens a virtual branch on Draugiem.lv, which is the first virtual bank branch on a social networking site in Europe. At this branch, any registered uiser of Draugiem.lv will have fast, convenient and safe access to online aadvice about their finances from Swedbank's experts. This virtual branch will be opened for business with customers on Friday, 1 June.

Tags: virtual bank, social media

01-06-2012 09:11    Comments    News