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Purchasing Managers´Index - May 2012

PMI drops to 49.0 in May – industrial economy flags as new orders numbers sag

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers´Index, Index

01-06-2012 08:30    Comments    Publications

Reduction of number of shares and votes in Swedbank AB (publ)

Swedbank’s Annual General Meeting decided on March 27, 2012 to reduce the share capital through cancellation of shares. The reduction was registered by the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the shares were cancelled in May 2012. As per May 31, 2012 there are 1,132,005,722 shares and votes in Swedbank AB.

31-05-2012 08:00    Press releases

To the Point - May 29, 2012

Too little policy adjustment in the euro area

Tags: Policy, Euro area, Economics

29-05-2012 11:50    Comments    Publications

Swedbank has been awarded the Gold Status and Family Friendly Business title in the Sustainability Index

On 25 May, Latvia’s Sustainability Index assessment results for 2012 were announced and Swedbank in Latvia was awarded the Gold Status. Swedbank also received the Family Friendly Business title which is awarded by the Ministry of Welfare in cooperation with the Sustainability Index.

Tags: Sustainability, Award

28-05-2012 16:20    Comments    News

Swedbank Baltic Sea Analysis - May 28, 2012

Europe’s ‘growth star’ is losing luminosity – but remains among the region’s strongest economies

Tags: Poland, Economics, Analysis

28-05-2012 14:40    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - May 25, 2012

Average real wage up for the third quarter in a row

Tags: Wage, Estonia, Flash comment

25-05-2012 16:28    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - May 25, 2012

The real net wage still negative in the 1Q 2012, but expected to enter the positive territory later this year

Tags: Lithuania, Flash comment, Wage

25-05-2012 16:19    Comments    Publications

Swedbank in Estonia reputation leader

Swedbank in Estonia has been elected the Most Reputable Large Company in Estonia 2012. This is the fifth consecutive year that Swedbank holds the position of being reputation leader and the best-known company among large companies in Estonia.

25-05-2012 12:00    Press releases

EMU: The anticipated straitjacket became a loosely fitting cardigan

EMU: The anticipated straitjacket became a loosely fitting cardigan

In the mid 1990s the question of Sweden joining the future EMU was investigated. Economists and political scientists said there were several advantages with a monetary union but also disadvantages.

24-05-2012 14:46    Comments    Blog

Swedbank Economic Outlook April 2012 - animated version (in Swedish)

Swedbank Economic Outlook April 2012 - animated version (in Swedish)

Three times per year, Swedbank Economic Research Department publishes a forecast of global economic development; Swedbank Economic Outlook. We now present the latest edition, from April 2012, in a brand new way – as an animated short film, presented by Cecilia Hermansson, Chief Economist at Swedbank. The forecast covers international, Swedish and Baltic economic development over the next two to three years.

24-05-2012 14:30    Comments    Videos

Marianne Nilsson acting CEO of Swedbank Robur

Swedbank Robur’s CEO Thomas Eriksson has decided to leave the company to become the new CEO of Carnegie. The Board has appointed Marianne Nilsson, Swedbank Robur’s deputy CEO, as acting CEO.

24-05-2012 08:00    Press releases

Upcoming Greek election worries markets

The Stockholm stock exchange plunged directly at start of trading on Friday erasing all of the gains it had made since the beginning of the year. The main reason for this is renewed concern about the euro crisis and the weak US data.

22-05-2012 15:00    Comments    News

Flash comment: Latvia - May 22, 2012

Annual employment growth at 2.6% in the first quarter of 2012

Tags: Unemployment, Latvia, Flash comment

22-05-2012 14:53    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - May 9, 2012

Unemployment increased temporary in the first quarter of this year

Tags: Lithuania, Flash comment, Unemployment

18-05-2012 14:13    Comments    Publications

The Global Economy - May 16, 2012

Europe: A more balanced mix of austerity and growth

Tags: Global, Greece, Outlook, Economy

16-05-2012 13:30    Comments    Publications

Swedbank best in equity derivatives

Swedbank is best in Sweden in equity derivatives, according to TNS SIFO Prospera’s first ranking of equity derivatives trading in Sweden. The study, which is based on interviews with 42 institutions, includes 10 Nordic and 12 international brokerages.

16-05-2012 09:00    Press releases

Flash comment: Estonia - May 15, 2012

Employment up by 3.9% in the first quarter

Tags: Estonia, Employment, Flash comment

15-05-2012 13:27    Comments    Publications

What is the way forward in Europe - austerity or growth?

What is the way forward in Europe - austerity or growth?

We are increasingly hearing that Europe must choose between tightening government finances and creating growth. Naturally, growth sounds friendlier than austerity. Not so long ago, the financial markets wanted budget consolidation. Without a fiscal pact with budget discipline, the European Central Bank (ECB) was unable to lend to banks to prevent credit tightening and to stabilise the situation. Now, when the financial markets are calmer - and recession is a fact - growth is wanted instead.

14-05-2012 15:28    Comments    Blog

Falling commodity prices when the global growth is losing speed

Falling commodity prices when the global growth is losing speed

The recovery in the global economy has lost momentum during the spring, particularly in EMU-area but also in the emerging markets. Uncertainties about the strength in the global economy has also affected the commodity market, where we have seen a broad price decrease in April, from crude oil, metals to soft commodities like food. The Swedbank total commodity price index fell by 3,3% in April compared with the previous month. The largest price decreases was for metals and crude oil, which however could be a positive impact on the global economy.

14-05-2012 15:12    Comments    Videos

Swedbank in Lithuania awarded National Responsible Business Award

This week Swedbank in Lithuania received the Responsible Business Award in the Environmental category for engaging and educating clients and suppliers in the area of sustainable development. The selection committee considered implementation of the sustainability analysis in the credit process, the suppliers' assessment of quality and environment form in procurement as important steps in raising awareness of sustainability issues in the country.

14-05-2012 10:56    Comments    News