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The Global Economy - August 7, 2012

The global economy is living dangerously

Tags: Global, Economics, Monthly letter, Analysis

07-08-2012 11:08    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - August 7, 2012

Inflation slowed more than expected in July

Tags: CPI, Estonia, Flash comment

07-08-2012 09:57    Comments    Publications

ECB balances between financial markets and politicians - without diminishing uncertainty

ECB balances between financial markets and politicians - without diminishing uncertainty

Last week the European Central Bank (ECB) raised financial market expectations when Mario Draghi, the ECB president, declared in London that the central bank will do everything to save the monetary union, "and believe me, it will be enough" was his punch line. Yesterday, Mario Draghi dampened financial markets' mood by not promising any quick fixes to this crisis. Instead, he threw the ball back into the court of eurozone politicians to sort out the crisis.

06-08-2012 10:08    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´Index - Services: August 3, 2012

Services PMI climbs to 54.8 in July: the service economy is strengthening

Tags: PMI-S, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Indicator

03-08-2012 15:25    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Analysis - August 2, 2012

Fulfilling the Maastricht criteria – mission possible for Latvia and Lithuania?

02-08-2012 09:11    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers´Index - August 1, 2012

PMI climbs to 50.6 in July – a break in the negative trend in industry

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers´Index, Indicator

01-08-2012 08:30    Comments    Publications

To the Point - July 31, 2012

Disaster economics brings appetite for safe assets

Tags: To the Point, Monthly letter, Analysis, Economics

31-07-2012 12:47    Comments    Publications

In relative terms Sweden is doing very well - but not in absolute terms

In relative terms Sweden is doing very well - but not in absolute terms

Yesterday, Statistics Sweden delivered a show of strength that is if Swedish GDP growth is compared to other countries' development as well as to expectations.

Tags: GDP

31-07-2012 10:00    Comments    Blog

Flash comment: Lithuania - July 30, 2012

Growth slows to 2.1% in the second quarter of 2012

Tags: GDP, Lithuania, Flash comment

30-07-2012 08:58    Comments    Publications

The Estonian Economy - July 27, 2012

Unemployment, albeit falling, poses challenges

Tags: Estonia, Monthly letter, Unemployment, Economics

27-07-2012 17:22    Comments    Publications

Some reflections on the Riksbank's repo rate decision

Some reflections on the Riksbank's repo rate decision

Having read the Riksbank's minutes of the latest monetary policy meeting (3 July) it is time for some reflections on the subject. The decision to leave the repo rate unchanged raises a number of questions and it is clear the the Riksbank's direction is struggling with several dilemmas, which the members assess in different ways. Consequently there is a lack of consensus in the decision taking; but what is more alarming is that there is a lack of consensus on the actual importance of the monetary policy for the economic development.

Tags: repo rate

20-07-2012 12:20    Comments    Blog

Michael Wolf in a CNBC Interview regarding the Q2 2012 results

"Swedbank to focus on cost as results beat forecasts" is the title of the CNBC interview with CEO Michael Wolf regarding the Q2 2012 results.

18-07-2012 09:51    Comments    News

Presentation of Q2 2012 Results from the Analyst Conference

Presentation of Q2 2012 results from the Analyst Conference by CEO Michael Wolf, CFO Göran Bronner and CRO Håkan Berg

Tags: Q2 results, interim report

18-07-2012 08:43    Comments    Presentations

CEO Michael Wolf is commenting on the Interim Report for Q2 2012

CEO Michael Wolf and CFO Göran Bronner are commenting on the Interim Report Q2 2012 and are giving their view on the future.

Tags: interim report

18-07-2012 07:03    Comments    Videos

Interim Report January - June 2012

18-07-2012 06:30    Press releases

The Lithuanian Economy - July 17, 2012

Higher growth and reforms improve the budget

Tags: Lithuania, Monthly letter, Economics

17-07-2012 10:19    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Robur – Asset Manager with Strong Commitment to Corporate Governance

About Corporate Governance and the importance of being an active an responsible owner. Among others, you can listen to Marianne Nilsson, acting CEO and Head of Corporate Governance at Swedbank Robur, talk about the subject.

10-07-2012 10:54    Comments    Videos

Flash comment: Lithuania - July 10, 2012

In line with expectations, prices declined in June

Tags: CPI, Lithuania, Flash comment

10-07-2012 10:09    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Latvia - July 9, 2012

Annual consumer price growth at 1.9% in June

Tags: CPI, Latvia, Flash comment

09-07-2012 09:54    Comments    Publications

Comment on the Swedish Riksbank's Policy Rate Announcement

Cecilia Skingsley, Head of FX and Fixed Income Research at Swedbank comments on the latest policy rate announcement from the Swedish Riksbank.

04-07-2012 15:42    Comments    Videos