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Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, July 4 2012

Services PMI falls to 47.4 in June – fewer jobs in service companies as economy cools

Tags: PMI-S, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Indicator

04-07-2012 11:05    Comments    Publications

Catrin Fransson is blogging from Almedalen, Sweden, 3 July 2012

Today I will participate in three seminars, all related to what Swedbank is working hard for- and will continue to work hard for.

Tags: Almedalen

03-07-2012 19:19    Comments    Blog

Michael Wolf's blogpost from Almedalen, 2 July 2011

Michael Wolf's blogpost from Almedalen, 2 July 2011

Sometimes journalists ask me if I would not like to do something more socially engaging than working in a bank. I usually answer that I honestly cannot see anything more important in society right now than to ensure there are solid banks.

Tags: Almedalen, Michael Wolf

02-07-2012 19:22    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´Index - July 2, 2012

PMI drops to 48.4 in June – weak global economy prompts Swedish manufacturing industry to shift into a lower gear

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers´Index, Indicator

02-07-2012 10:24    Comments    Publications

The Euro Area Crisis - 99 Q & A

Information material on the crisis in the euro area and the macro economic effects on our home markets.

Tags: Euro area, Macro, Crisis, Economics

29-06-2012 12:38    Comments    Publications

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January – June 2012

Swedbank’s interim report January – June 2012 will be published at 06.30 CET on Wednesday, 18 July, 2012. You are invited to participate in the following presentations:

29-06-2012 11:00    Press releases

To the Point - June 29, 2012

Is there a clash of interests between short- and long-term crisis solutions in the euro area?

Tags: To the Point, Euro area, EU Summit, Monthly letter

29-06-2012 10:14    Comments    Publications

The Euro zone is running onto the ball while Sweden is standing on the sideline...

The Euro zone is running onto the ball while Sweden is standing on the sideline...

The economic crisis in the Euro zone is hastening integration in the Euro zone by linking together the financial policies of the Euro countries and supervision of the banks. It is hard to see any other way forward, as the crisis clearly shows that a currency union cannot be held together by a common monetary policy alone. Up to now, politicians have focused on one obstacle at a time without making any progress, but by also looking at all the government finances and bank as a whole, the Euro zone  – to use a football metaphor - is running onto the ball.

28-06-2012 13:58    Comments    Blog

Swedbank Analysis - June 28, 2012

Lithuania needs more investments to improve competitiveness

Tags: Analysis, Lithuania, Economics

28-06-2012 10:58    Comments    Publications

The Swedish Economy - June 26, 2012

Export demand is shaky – and concerns among households and businesses are growing as summer begins

Tags: Sweden, Monthly letter, Analysis, Economy

26-06-2012 11:14    Comments    Publications

Eurozone growth is necessary – but how to create it?

Eurozone growth is necessary – but how to create it?

Everyone is talking about the need for growth in the eurozone crisis countries, both to keep society together and to facilitate debt reduction and savings programmes. At the same time it is obvious that borrowing to finance investment is no longer viable - the budget deficits cannot once again be allowed to grow. So how should growth be created?

25-06-2012 09:50    Comments    Blog

The Estonian Economy - June 21, 2012

More stable growth ahead

Tags: Estonia, Monthly letter, Analysis

21-06-2012 08:56    Comments    Publications

Swedbank in Almedalen 2012

The political week in Almedalen is an important forum for Swedish societal debate. For the 13th consecutive year, Swedbank will be there arranging seminars on current topics related to economy and societal engagement.

20-06-2012 13:56    Comments    News

Swedbank Analysis - June 18, 2012

Post-election Greece: 10 questions and answers

Tags: Greece, Election, Analysis

18-06-2012 17:03    Comments    Publications

Financial markets relieved but the problems are not over

The financial markets breathed a sigh of relief at Sunday’s Greek election results - where the New Democracy party won the most votes and is expected to form a government with the Socialist party Pasok - and that the immediate threat of a "Grexit" with an ensuing euro collapse has thereby been averted.

Tags: comment

18-06-2012 15:48    Comments    News

Knut Hallberg comments on the Greece election and its effect on the financial markets

Knut Hallberg, Senior Economist at Large Corporate & Intitutions, Swedbank, comments on the Greece election and its effect on the financial markets.

18-06-2012 09:21    Comments    Videos

Housing Affordability Index for Batics - June 15, 2012

The housing affordability index (HAI) increased to 104.9 in Vilnius and 155.3 in Tallinn, but decreased to 136.8 in Riga

Tags: HAI, Housing Affordability Index, Index, Baltic

15-06-2012 15:20    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Latvia ranks 2nd in the Reputation Top and has the best reputation among banks

On Tuesday, 12 June, the results of the Latvian Business Reputation Top 2012 were announced and Swedbank was ranked 2nd in the overall reputation top. Swedbank was also named as the employer with the best reputation in Latvia.

13-06-2012 15:36    Comments    News

Weekly comment from Swedbank Investment Center: Aid package to Spanish banks

Once again the past week has been full of significant variations. Probably the most important positive signal for the markets was that the Chinese central bank cut deposit and lending rates by 25 basis points.

Tags: comment, aid package

12-06-2012 14:09    Comments    News

Swedbank's Donation Environment in Estonia: 4 years, 473,290 euros and 45 organisations

Swedbank's Donation Environment in Estonia “I Love Helping”, which celebrates its fourth birthday in June, is still the largest and most effective donation environment in Estonia and already unites tens of thousands of donors.

11-06-2012 13:38    Comments    News