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The Lithuanian Economy - April 10

Demand keeps a lid on inflation, but oil will stimulate it

Tags: Monthly letter, Demand, Inflation, Lithuania

10-04-2012 11:09    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - April 9, 2012

Price growth in March above expectations

Tags: Flash, Estonia, CPI

09-04-2012 10:55    Comments    Publications

I miss a holistic way of looking at the EMU

I miss a holistic way of looking at the EMU

Recently, economic commentators and journalists have been presenting how the EMU should be dissolved i.e. how it should be done in practice. The main reason for this is that southern European countries and Ireland would recover more quickly outside the EMU than in.

Tags: EMU

05-04-2012 12:09    Comments    Blog

A Monthly Outlook - April

Martin Bolander, Senior Market Strategist at Swedbank's Investment Center, Jörgen Olofsson, Portfolio Manager at Swedbank Robur and Knut Hallberg, Senior Economist at Large Corporate & Intitutions at Swedbank discuss the current market situations.

05-04-2012 09:27    Comments    Videos

Purchasing Managers´Index Services March 2012

Services PMI falls to 52.6 in March: service economy cools somewhat as business activity slows down

Tags: PMI - Services, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Indicator

04-04-2012 12:08    Comments    Publications

A new breed of environmental magicians

A new breed of environmental magicians

Houdini, the innovative Swedish sportswear company, has succeeded in pulling the sustainable growth rabbit out of the hat, and so astonished and delighted us at Swedbank that on 28 March we gave them our Sustainability award.

03-04-2012 12:53    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´Index March 2012

PMI drops to 50.2 in March – no clear recovery yet for Swedish industry

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers´Index, Indicator

02-04-2012 11:46    Comments    Publications

Are US decision makers and academics burying their heads in the sand?

Are US decision makers and academics burying their heads in the sand?

The paradox is obvious clear. During an election year, interest in the economic policy conference organised by the National Association of Business Economics (NABE) is significant - this year saw record attendance with over 600 participants - at the same time as the invited speakers were tongue-tied and clearly had difficulties in focusing on the policy issues that really concern Americans.

30-03-2012 14:17    Comments    Blog

Our headquarters go black

Our headquarters go black

On Saturday evening I will join hundreds of millions of people, governments and businesses (including Swedbank!) around the globe in homes, offices and places of business when I turn off my lights, power down my computer and disconnect from social media. No, it’s not downsizing or cost cutting. It’s Earth Hour, the hour when we say together that we know we have to take care of our planet. During World War II the British used blackouts to avoid attention – we’re using ours to call attention.

30-03-2012 10:54    Comments    Blog

To the Point - March 30, 2012

It’s the politics, stupid!

Tags: US, Politics, Monthly letter, Discussion paper

30-03-2012 09:59    Comments    Publications

The Swedish Economy - March 29, 2012

Signs of a stronger economy – but revised economic statistics could lead analysis and policies astray

29-03-2012 15:18    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Arena Becomes Friends Arena

28-03-2012 17:21    Comments    Videos

Cecilia Skingsley in a column in Svenska Dagbladet: A bit brighter for bond owners

In a guest column in the daily Svenska Dagbladet, Swedbank´s Cecilia Skingsley notes that interest on government bonds is rising again from low levels.

28-03-2012 13:20    Comments    News

Swedbank Arena becomes Friends Arena

Swedbank has decided to donate the naming rights Swedbank Arena to the organisation Friends, whose mission is to prevent bullying. The arena will be renamed Friends Arena. With the unique decision, Swedbank continues its long-term youth effort and develops the bank’s social engagement.

28-03-2012 12:05    Press releases

Swedbank's Annual General Meeting 2012

At today's Annual General Meeting, Charlotte Strömberg was elected as new member to the Board of Directors. Current Board members Olav Fjell, Ulrika Francke, Göran Hedman, Lars Idermark, Anders Igel, Pia Rudengren, Anders Sundström, Karl Henrik Sundström and Siv Svensson were re-elected. The Annual General Meeting re-elected Lars Idermark as Chair of the Board of Directors. The Annual General Meeting resolved unchanged Board fees.

27-03-2012 15:15    Press releases

The Euro Area Crisis - 99 Q & A

Information material on the crisis in the euro area and the macro economic effects on our home markets.

Tags: Euro area, Macro, Crisis, Economics

27-03-2012 11:19    Comments    Publications

The relationship with customers is the most important part of our work

It is only in close cooperation we can provide the service that gives relevant value to the customer. Whether it is one of our senior customers who need to learn to use a card, a young family embarking on their first house or a corporate customer running the business expanding into new markets and needing finance as well as payment services. our customers and the businesses they run.  

26-03-2012 15:07    Comments    Blog

Questionable economic-political choice of path in the BRIC countries

Questionable economic-political choice of path in the BRIC countries

While the west is licking its wounds after the financial crisis, recession and the ongoing deleveraging , the BRIC countries ought to be able to enjoy a more comfortable time. While India's public debt is relatively high and China’s debt is possibly far higher  than the official statistics say, there is not the same urgency for crisis management as in the Euro zone.  However, the question is whether the BRIC countries are under performing in various ways in terms of economic policy given the circumstances.

22-03-2012 17:08    Comments    Blog

Invitation to Swedbank's Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday 27th of March at 11.00 CET, Swedbank´s Annual General Meeting will be held at Dansens Hus, Barnhusgatan 14 in Stockholm. The doors will open at 09.00 CET.

21-03-2012 09:50    Press releases

Energy & Commodities - March 19, 2012

Rising commodity prices as oil prices reach new heights

Tags: Crude, Oil, Energy, Monthly letter

19-03-2012 16:43    Comments    Publications