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Magnus Alvesson, Swedbank, comments on Swedbank's Economic Outlook and recent macroeconomic developments

08-02-2012 12:34    Comments    Videos

Purchasing Managers' Index - Services, January 2012

Services PMI rises to 54.3 in January: business conditions in the service sector are improving

Tags: Purchasing Managers' Index

08-02-2012 10:06    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers' Index, January 2012

PMI rises to 51.4 in January 2012 – slightly warmer economic breezes in industry

07-02-2012 16:13    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - February 7, 2012

Consumer price growth accelerated in January

Tags: Flash comment, CPI, Estonia

07-02-2012 11:38    Comments    Publications

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s year-end report January – December 2011

Swedbank’s interim report January – December 2011 will be published at 07.00 CET on Tuesday, 14 February, 2012. You are invited to participate in the following presentations:

03-02-2012 14:20    Press releases

No cost to Sweden to join the EU fiscal pact

No cost to Sweden to join the EU fiscal pact

The EU countries have agreed on a fiscal pact. Only Britain and the Czech Republic have chosen to opt out. Sweden is expected to join the pact as it is already clear there is a parliamentary majority in favour of voting yes now that the Social Democrat terms for this have been met.

02-02-2012 15:22    Comments    Blog

Cecilia Skingsley in a column in Svenska Dagbladet: Are you exit certified?

In a column in the daily Svenska Dagbladet, Swedbank´s Cecilia Skingsley describes what would happen in case the Euro would collapse and cease to exist wholly or partially.

01-02-2012 08:53    Comments    Publications

The Global Economy - January 31, 2012

The fiscal pact is one step forward – strengthening growth and support mechanisms will be harder

Tags: Global, Monthly letter, Economics

31-01-2012 14:19    Comments    Publications

Who needs it?

Who needs it?

This is a story about giving and receiving. It’s also a story about the past and the future and children. That gives it a little depth, doesn’t it? And finally, it’s about the internet and social media - because everything else is, right?

31-01-2012 12:53    Comments    Blog

Flash comment: Lithuania - January 30, 2012

Growth decelerated sharply at the end of 2011

Tags: Flash comment, Lithuania, Economics

30-01-2012 17:03    Comments    Publications

Knut Hallberg, Swedbank, about the EU Summit 30 January 2011

Knut Hallberg, macro strategist at Fixed Income & FX research at Swedbank, about the EU Summit and expectations ahead.

30-01-2012 13:00    Comments    Videos

To the Point - January 30, 2012

The full monty: how to build a strong currency union while closing democracy gaps

Tags: Monthly letter, To the Point, EMU, Democracy

30-01-2012 11:18    Comments    Publications

Our new report on the economy signals a slow down but also great uncertainty

Our new report on the economy signals a slow down but also great uncertainty

In our latest report on the global and Swedish economies, we have revised growth downwards, in both Sweden and abroad, compared with our October forecast.

Tags: growth, economy, forecast

26-01-2012 12:56    Comments    Blog

Energy & Commodities - January 19, 2012

The price decline for commodities continues

Tags: Commodities, Oil, Energy, Monthly letter

25-01-2012 11:54    Comments    Publications

Nomination to the Board of Directors of Swedbank AB 2012

Swedbank’s Nomination Committee proposes Charlotte Strömberg as new member of the Board. The Nomination Committee further suggests re-election of the board members Olav Fjell, Ulrika Francke, Göran Hedman, Lars Idermark, Anders Igel, Pia Rudengren, Anders Sundström, Karl-Henrik Sundström and Siv Svensson. Helle Kruse Nielsen has declared that she is not available for re-election.

25-01-2012 08:00    Press releases

Swedbank Economic Outlook - January 24, 2012

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Tags: Eurozone, SEO, Outlook, Economics, Swedish, Baltic

24-01-2012 10:40    Comments    Publications

Flash Comment: Latvia - January 18, 2012

2011 population census results: 191 thousand less inhabitants than Population register suggested

Tags: Latvia, Flash comment, Population, Economics

18-01-2012 17:14    Comments    Publications

Low growth and high debt - a tricky balancing act

Emerging markets analysis from Emerging Markets FX at Swedbank.This publication is forcasting currency developments for selected emerging markets countries with a time horizon of 3 months.

18-01-2012 14:49    Comments    Publications

Cecilia Skingsley, Swedbank, Comments on the Current Macro Situation

Cecilia Skingsley, Head of FX & Fixed Income at Swedbank, gives her view on the macro situation in the financial markets.

Tags: downturn, macroeconomics

17-01-2012 15:36    Comments    Videos

Lower credit rating in the Euro zone was expected – and can give both negative and positive effects

Lower credit rating in the Euro zone was expected – and can give both negative and positive effects

Standard and Poor’s downgrading of the credit rating of nine Euro zone countries did not come as a surprise. For France and Austria, having the highest credit rating is no longer something they can boast about. The question is more about the consequences this downgrading will result in and if it really is as unfair as the Euro politicians claim.

Tags: credit rating, downgrading

17-01-2012 14:26    Comments    Blog