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The Latvian Economy - January 17, 2012

Strong export-driven investment growth in 2011

Tags: Monthly letter, Latvia, GDP, FDI

17-01-2012 11:36    Comments    Publications

Tranås Football Association receives Swedbank's Children and Youth Scholarship

In conjunction with the Swedish Sports Gala Swedbank, for the third consecutive year, hands out a scholarship for children and youth activities.

Tags: Scholarship, integration

16-01-2012 13:56    Comments    Videos

Swedbank makes goodwill write-down of SEK 1 913 million related to Latvian business

In November 2011 the Swedish FSA communicated plans for new higher capital requirements for Swedish banks. These will be gradually implemented from 1 January 2013. As a consequence, Swedbank’s Board of Directors has decided to write down the goodwill concerning the bank’s Latvian subsidiary that arose in connection to the acquisition from Hansabank.

13-01-2012 08:00    Press releases

The fewer the economic policy tools, the greater the need for unconventional fiscal policy

The fewer the economic policy tools, the greater the need for unconventional fiscal policy

Economic policy is often divided into fiscal policy, monetary policy and structural policy. Fiscal policy is primarily about reducing and increasing taxes and expenditure, while monetary policy in recent times has focused on using the key rate to meet more or less clear inflation targets.

12-01-2012 16:39    Comments    Blog

Flash comment: Latvia - January, 2012

Latvian CPI inflation will continue to diminish in 2012

Tags: Latvia, Flash comment, CPI

09-01-2012 10:09    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - January 9, 2012

Prices decreased in December, annual inflation will decelerate further

Tags: Flash comment, Lithuania, CPI

09-01-2012 09:50    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - January 6, 2012

Price growth continues to slow

Tags: Flash comment, CPI, Estonia

06-01-2012 13:46    Comments    Publications

The Lithuanian Economy - January 4, 2012

The Lithuanian economy is resilient so far

Tags: Lithuania, Monthly letter

04-01-2012 11:20    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers´Index Services December 2011

Services PMI climbs to 50.9 in December: signs of recovery but risk of further decline remains

Tags: PMI - Services, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Indicator

04-01-2012 08:30    Comments    Publications

Global cooperation to be tested this year

Global cooperation to be tested this year

In 2011, we have witnessed growing tension between rich and poor countries. This has been particularly apparent when it comes to negotiations on trade and climate change. It can also be seen in association with regulation of the finance sector and cooperation on economic policy.

Tags: multilaterism

03-01-2012 14:07    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´Index December 2011

PMI climbs to 48.9 in December 2011 – a ray of light in an otherwise dismal outlook for industry

Tags: Purchasing Managers´Index, PMI, Indicator

02-01-2012 08:30    Comments    Publications

To the Point - December 29, 2011

Multilateralism will be tested during 2012

Tags: To the Point, Economics, Analysis, Multilateralism

29-12-2011 11:54    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - December 28, 2011

Robustness of retail trade growth surprises

Tags: Flash comment, Lithuania, Snoras, Retail trade

29-12-2011 11:47    Comments    Publications

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Economic Year!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Economic Year!

2011 is drawing to a close. The year opened with continued recovery all round the world, but has since been marked by ever graver debt crises, falling stock markets, rising risk premiums and growing economic gloom. Gazing into the crystal ball for 2012 is a challenge. There is a risk that the economic year will not be as good as the headlines suggest.

Tags: structural policy, economic year, ECB

22-12-2011 15:30    Comments    Blog

The Swedish Economy - December 22, 2011

The Swedish economy faces great uncertainty in 2012 – but not all is doom and gloom

Tags: Monthly letter, Sweden, Economy

22-12-2011 12:09    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Lithuania - December 21, 2011

Parliament agreed on 2012 budget

Tags: Flash, Budget, Lithuania, Comment

21-12-2011 14:55    Comments    Publications

Cecilia Skingsley comments on the rate cut in Sweden

Cecilia Skingsley, Head of FX & Fixed Income at Swedbank, comments on the rate cut decided by the Swedish Riksbank, 20 December 2011.

20-12-2011 14:46    Comments    Videos

The Global Economy - December 20, 2011

Although 2011 was the year of the debt crisis, challenges still remain in 2012 – not least for the euro zone

Tags: Global, Analysis, Economy

20-12-2011 14:45    Comments    Publications

Space for pursuing a more expansive economic policy in the Eurozone has been reduced – so structural policies should come into focus more

Space for pursuing a more expansive economic policy in the Eurozone has been reduced – so structural policies should come into focus more

The deal last week between EMU/EU countries, excluding the United Kingdom and some other EU countries, has its centre of gravity in the case for strengthening budget discipline and reducing public debt. It is a "makeover" of the Stability and Growth Pact, but hardly an "extreme makeover" and fiscal union is still a long way away.

16-12-2011 16:25    Comments    Blog

Swedbank Baltic Sea Analysis - December 16, 2011

Political turbulence and significant economic pressures going forward

Tags: Russia, Analysis, Baltic, Economy

16-12-2011 15:31    Comments    Publications