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Swedbank Economic Outlook Seminar 2011: Cecilia Hermansson

Cecilia Hermansson, Group Chief Economist, Economic Research Department, Sweden, is interviewed on the Swedbank Economic Outlook Seminar 2011.

Tags: economy

30-09-2011 14:07    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Economic Outlook 2011: Catherine L. Mann

Catherine L. Mann, Professor of Economics at Brandeis University, speaks about "Current account imbalances - how can the US and Asia rebalance?"

Tags: imbalances

30-09-2011 13:54    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Economic Outlook Seminar webcast

Wednesday 28 September, Swedbank’s Economic Research Department is host of the Swedbank Economic Outlook Seminar “Mastering a world of imbalances”. Topics to be discussed include the current situation in the US, competing in a globalised world, and the recent development in the euro area.

28-09-2011 09:00    Comments    News

The Estonian Economy - September 27, 2011

High economic activity boosts labour market

Tags: Estonia, Economy, Monthly Letter

27-09-2011 09:34    Comments    Publications

Swedbank in Lithuania helps boost motivation to learn by launching professional volunteer project

Tags: volunteer project

27-09-2011 09:00    Comments    News

Higher inflation not the right cure for crisis

Higher inflation not the right cure for crisis

A few weeks ago, Kenneth Rogoff, economics professor at Harvard University in Boston wrote in the Financial Times that it was time to think outside the box.

Tags: inflation

26-09-2011 11:22    Comments    Blog

If Sustainability is a process . . .

If Sustainability is a process . . .

On Wednesday evening the Stockholm School of Economics played host to a panel debate entitled “Sustainable Business Strategy and Profitability”.

Tags: sustainability

26-09-2011 10:59    Comments    Blog

Nomination Committee for 2012

The 2012 Annual General Meeting of Swedbank AB will be held in Stockholm, Tuesday 27 March, 2012.

23-09-2011 08:00    Press releases

The Global Economy No. 6 - September 22, 2011

A weaker economic outlook makes it even more important to use the right tools from a shrinking toolbox

Tags: Monthly Letter, Economy

22-09-2011 15:31    Comments    Publications

Swedbank exits retail segment in Ukraine

Swedbank has altered its strategy for the Ukrainian market and will exit the retail segment to focus solely on the corporate customers.

20-09-2011 12:00    Press releases

Are Canadians color blind?

Are Canadians color blind?

Let’s put that question aside for a moment and look at Sweden and Canada, alike as a couple of peas in a pod, wouldn’t you say? Climate, countryside, population density, public welfare and social systems, even economic growth figures. And to top it off, both countries boast a track record of welcoming large numbers of immigrants to start a new life within their borders. Feeling pretty pleased? Better read on for a few paragraphs.

Tags: diversity, integration

20-09-2011 11:12    Comments    Blog

Knut Hallberg Comments On The Development In Greece, September 14, 2011

15-09-2011 11:05    Comments    Videos

The Latvian Economy - September 14, 2011

Household incomes rise – to consume or to save?

Tags: Monthly Letter, Latvia, Economy

14-09-2011 10:05    Comments    Publications

Swedbank halt repurchase of own shares

Given the intensified financial anxiety in Europe, the bank’s management has suggested to the Board that further repurchases are being halted for the time being.

14-09-2011 08:28    Press releases

Swedbank chief economist elected to NABE Board of Directors

Swedbank chief economist elected to NABE Board of Directors

Swedbank's chief economist Cecilia Hermansson has been elected to a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) - a leading US professional association for business economists.

13-09-2011 15:45    Comments    News

Purchasing Managers´Index Services August 2011

Services PMI drops to 54.0 in August: flagging business activity dampens the service economy

Tags: PMI - Services, Indicator, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services

13-09-2011 14:04    Comments    Publications

To the Point - September 8, 2011

The real threat is stagnation

Tags: stagnation, austerity, inflation, reform

08-09-2011 16:11    Comments    Publications

Flash Comment: Latvia - September 8, 2011

GDP growth accelerated in 2Q 2011, but to abate in the second half of the year

Tags: latvia, flash, GDP, economy

08-09-2011 16:09    Comments    Publications

Flash Comment: Latvia - September 8, 2011

Seasonal monthly deflation in August 2011

Tags: prices, economy, latvia, flash, comment

08-09-2011 15:47    Comments    Publications

Flash comment: Estonia - September 8, 2011

GDP growth driven by exports and investments

Tags: Flash comment, Estonia, Economy, GDP

08-09-2011 15:34    Comments    Publications