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Flash Comment: Latvia - August 9, 2011

GDP showed vigorous growth in 2Q 2011

Tags: Flash comment, GDP, Latvia

11-08-2011 09:10    Comments    Publications

Swedbank takes the next step – changes in management

The next step in Swedbank’s development involves a number of top management changes. Göran Bronner, Swedbank’s current Chief Risk Officer, will become the new Chief Financial Officer. Håkan Berg, the current Head of Baltic Banking will be the new Chief Risk Officer. The new Head of Baltic Banking will be Birgitte Bonnesen at present Head of Internal Audit. All changes will take place with immediate effect.

10-08-2011 07:30    Press releases

Flash Comment - August 8, 2011

Latvia: CPI annual growth decelerated in July 2011

Tags: Flash comment, Latvia, CPI

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Investment Center comments the latest events on the financial markets

On Friday, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's lowered their US credit rating from AAA to AA+ with negative outlook. The market has reacted negatively to this, and the stock markets that were open on Sunday and Monday morning, have fallen in the order of 2-4 per cent.

08-08-2011 14:00    Comments    News

The Lithuanian Economy - August 5, 2011

Better expectations and lower savings behind consumption growth

Tags: Lithuania, Monthly Letter, Global

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The Latvian Economy - August 4, 2011

Restocking has nearly petered out; future economic growth to depend on fundamentals  

Tags: Latvia, Economy, Monthly Letter, GDP

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Purchasing Managers´Index Services July 2011

Services PMI climbs to 54.7 in July: growth continues.

Tags: PMI - Services, Purchasing Managers´Index - Services, Indicator

04-08-2011 08:30    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers´Index July 2011

PMI falls to 50.1 in July – industrial production stagnating

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers´Index, Indicator

03-08-2011 10:55    Comments    Publications

Michael Wolf Interview with CNBC about Q2 Results

In an interview with CNBC, Swedbank's CEO Michael Wolf comments on the results second quarter.

22-07-2011 13:27    Comments    News

Presentation of Swedbank's Q2 2011 Results

Michael Wolf, CEO, Erkki Raasuke, CFO and Göran Bronner, CRO, present Swedbank's Q2 2011 results at a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tags: Q2 results

21-07-2011 12:53    Comments    Presentations

Swedbank Corporate Presentation June 2011

A short presentation of Swedbank Group, 30 June, 2011.

Tags: Corporate Presentation

21-07-2011 12:25    Comments    Presentations

CEO Michael Wolf is commenting on the Q2 2011 Results

CEO Michael Wolf is commenting on the Q2 2011 Results

Tags: Interim Report, Q2 Results

21-07-2011 07:46    Comments    Videos

Interim Report January - June

21-07-2011 07:00    Press releases

EBA’s 2011 stress test shows Swedbank has low risk

The European Banking Authority (EBA), the EU’s banking regulator, carried out a stress test on Europe’s major banks. Swedbank’s result in this test showed a low risk.

15-07-2011 10:00    Comments    News

Euromoney names Swedbank leading bank in Lithuania and Estonia

Euromoney, a world-leading financial markets magazine, earlier this week announced its award for the best banks of 2011. Swedbank was recognized as the leading bank both in Estonia and Lithuania, and was awarded The Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2011.

12-07-2011 09:42    Comments    News

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January – June 2011

Swedbank’s interim report January – June 2011 will be published at07.00CET on Thursday, 21 July. You are invited to participate in the following presentations:

11-07-2011 15:15    Press releases

Flash Comment - July 11, 2011

Lithuania: Consumer prices decline in June

Tags: Flash comment, Lithuania, CPI

11-07-2011 11:07    Comments    Publications

Flash Comment - July 8, 2011

Latvian CPI grew by 0.3% mom (4.8% yoy) in June 2011

Tags: Flash comment, Latvia, CPI

08-07-2011 15:28    Comments    Publications

The Estonian Economy - July 8, 2011

Private consumption recovers faster than expected

Tags: Estonia, Monthly Letter, Economy

08-07-2011 09:20    Comments    Publications

I love Almedalen!

I love Almedalen!

Another year in Almedalen is going towards its end. Bigger than ever again, more than 1500 seminars which makes it bigger than last year that was election year.

Tags: Almedalen, politics, youth, networking

07-07-2011 14:04    Comments    Blog