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President Valdis Zatlers calls for a dismissal of the Parliament

On Saturday night May 28th the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers announced his decision to propose a dissolution of the Parliament.

30-05-2011 11:41    Comments    Publications

To the Point, May 30, 2011

The welfare state needs a make-over

Tags: welfare, taxes, GDP

30-05-2011 11:05    Comments    Publications

Greece: Can’t Stay and Can’t Leave the Euro

Greece: Can’t Stay and Can’t Leave the Euro

The anxiety in the markets has once again increased due to speculations surrounding the future for Greece.

27-05-2011 13:40    Comments    Blog

Age is a resource, not a box...

Age is a resource, not a box...

Age, age, age . . . why are we in the west, and especially here in Sweden, so age obsessed?

26-05-2011 09:00    Comments    Blog

Proud as a parent

Proud as a parent

I feel as proud as a parent! This bank has received a new prize and not just any prize!

Tags: charity funds

23-05-2011 11:12    Comments    Blog

The Latvian Economy, May 20, 2011

Demographics – can one see a forest behind the trees?

Tags: Latvia, Economy, Monthly Newsletter

20-05-2011 14:48    Comments    Publications

Swedbank Robur has received an award for its non-profit funds

On May 12, Swedbank Robur was awarded as the "Leading European Charity Fund Provider" and received first prize in the "Profit for Non Profit Award” in the category “Charity Funds ".

20-05-2011 09:34    Comments    News

Swedbank Analysis, May 19, 2011

Recent manufacturing trends in Latvia – are there reasons to worry?

Tags: Latvia, economy, Analysis

19-05-2011 11:03    Comments    Publications

Awards to the best participants of the Educational Student Company Programme

On 6 May a fair of Educational Student Companies was organised by Junior Achievement Lithuania in Vilnius, in the administrative building of Swedbank. There, students presented and implemented the best business ideas, introduced, advertised and sold their products and services. The fair was attended by about 350 students – 61 Student Companies – from 42 Lithuanian schools.  

Tags: Award, entrepreneurs, Students

17-05-2011 14:25    Comments    News

Energy & Commodities, May 16, 2011

Reduced risk appetite and uncertain global outlook pressure commodity prices

Tags: Energy, Commodities, Monthly Newsletter

16-05-2011 10:28    Comments    Publications

Swedbank And Friendsdagen - Skansen May 3, 2011

Tags: Friends, sponsorship, Backteman, CSR

13-05-2011 09:18    Comments    Videos

Proud to support Junior Achievement

Proud to support Junior Achievement

Tags: Junior Achievement

11-05-2011 13:15    Comments    Blog

Latvian Student Company Of The Year Awarded To Bicycle Company

This year’s winner of the Latvian Student Company of the Year Competition is GoHappy – a manufacturer of bicycle accessories. The main product is bicycle seat caps, inspired by the lifestyle in the Netherlands. Swedbank sponsors the Student Company Program in the Baltic countries.

Tags: Swedbank, Latvia, student, sponsorship

10-05-2011 09:24    Comments    News

The Global Economy, May 9, 2011

How will the US finance its growing fiscal deficit this year when the Federal Reserve ends QE2?

Tags: US, fiscal deficit, economy, Monthly Letter

09-05-2011 11:23    Comments    Publications

Let us learn from the children!

Let us learn from the children!

The annual World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child was given out last Thursday, April 28. Myself and Per Molin, Head of Private Banking Stockholm, joined the ceremony to show our support for the prize and all children all over the world that had taken part in the process.

Tags: rights, democracy, children

06-05-2011 14:12    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´Index Services April 2011

Services PMI climbs to 61.4 in April: the service economy stabilizes at a high level

Tags: PMI - S, Purchasing Managers´Index Services, Indicator

06-05-2011 11:31    Comments    Publications

Swedbank's monthly Market Outlook, May 2, 2011

Tags: Outlook, Analysis

06-05-2011 09:44    Comments    Videos

Purchasing Managers´ Index April 2011

PMI climbs to 59.8 in April 2011 – new orders support the industrial economy

Tags: Purchasing Managers´Index, Indicator, PMI, silf

03-05-2011 11:29    Comments    Publications

The Estonian Economy, No.2, 3 May 2011

Investment outlook strong despite uncertain construction sector

Tags: economy, Estonia, Monthly Newsletter

03-05-2011 09:30    Comments    Publications

A celebration of courage during Friends day tomorrow

A celebration of courage during Friends day tomorrow

Tomorrow is a special day in Stockholm - the Friends day. It is a celebration of courage, empathy, decisiveness and simple friendliness. It is a day we all should celebrate.

02-05-2011 14:59    Comments    Blog