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The Latvian Economy, No.3 29 April 2011

Fiscal policy – still room for improvement

Tags: Latvia, Monthly Newsletter, economy

29-04-2011 10:45    Comments    Publications

The Lithuanian Economy, No 3, 29 April 2011

Economic growth accelerates beyond expectations

Tags: Lithuanian, economy, Monthly Newsletter

29-04-2011 08:30    Comments    Publications

Michael Wolf Interview with CNBC about Q1 Results

28-04-2011 17:15    Comments    News

To the Point, No.4, 28 April 2011

Economic Growth – curse or cure?

Tags: economic growth, ecology, To the Point

28-04-2011 16:16    Comments    Publications

Facts Q1 2011

Facts about Swedbank from the first quarter 2011, presented at the Press conference in Stockholm on 28 April 2011.

Tags: Facts, Q1 results

28-04-2011 15:06    Comments    Presentations

Swedbank Q1 2011, Press Meeting 28 April 2011

Tags: Q1 result, Interim Report

28-04-2011 12:40    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Corporate Presentation March 2011

A short presentation of Swedbank Group, March 2011.

28-04-2011 10:17    Comments    Presentations

CEO Presentation of Q1 2011 results

28-04-2011 08:19    Comments    Presentations

CEO Michael Wolf is commenting on the first quarter results

28-04-2011 07:53    Comments    Videos

Resolution on new issue and repurchase of C-shares deviating from shareholders’ preferential rights to hedge Swedbank’s incentive programme 2010

The Board of Directors of Swedbank AB (publ) (Swedbank) has resolved to issue 1,500,000 C-shares at an issue price of SEK 21, corresponding to the shares’ quotient value, as part of the hedging arrangements relating to Swedbank’s incentive programme in accordance with the authorization given by the Annual General Meeting 2011.

28-04-2011 07:02    Press releases

Swedbank to Repurchase Own Shares

The Board of Directors of Swedbank has decided - based on the resolution by the Annual General Meeting on 25 March - to repurchase up to 10 percent of total outstanding shares in Swedbank, corresponding to approximately 116 million shares. Preference shares as well as ordinary shares will be repurchased.

28-04-2011 07:01    Press releases

Interim Report January - March

28-04-2011 07:00    Press releases

Riksbanken threatens to speed up rate hikes

Riksbanken threatens to speed up rate hikes

Not enough has happened in the economy to make the Riksbank change its monetary strategy this time. This was the essence of the message that the Swedish central bank governor Stefan Ingves gave after the council meeting this month.

Tags: Skingsley, Riksbank, rate

21-04-2011 11:05    Comments    Blog

The proof is in the government’s 2011 spring budget. Read it and smile!

The proof is in the government’s 2011 spring budget. Read it and smile!

I must admit to feeling proud last week. After all, Swedbank isn’t named in the government’s spring budget every week. Yes, that’s the spring budget, the national budget, the one from our government.

Tags: Young Jobs, Youths, youth unemployment

21-04-2011 08:30    Comments    Blog

Cecilia Skingsley Comments On The Repo Rate

Tags: repo rate, Skingsley

20-04-2011 15:28    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Economic Outlook - presentation (in Latvian)

Tags: economic outlook, Latvia

19-04-2011 09:56    Comments    Videos

Defining moments

Defining moments

When historic changes appear, it is usually difficult to assess the full impact until afterwards. But this afternoon, Monday April 18th, it was fairly easy. The Standard & Poor's decision to give US AAA rating a negative outlook is a defining moment in financial history. US has had the top rating level since World War II, with a stable outlook and has never before been this close to a downgrade.

19-04-2011 08:55    Comments    Blog

Rapid change, development and improvement needs resources

Rapid change, development and improvement needs resources

The payment card industry is in constant development in order to offer better, more secure and more convenient services in a steadily growing acceptance network.

Tags: cards

18-04-2011 09:16    Comments    Blog

Energy & Commodities, No 4, 15 April 2011

Inflation concerns and austerity – challenges for the commodity market

Tags: Commodities, Energy, Oil

15-04-2011 11:08    Comments    Publications

Get closer to the bank - make time for your business! Life under the Oak (in Swedish)

14-04-2011 14:54    Comments    Videos