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Our future is in the hands of our youth

Our future is in the hands of our youth

Whereas spring has reached Vilnius and Riga already, Tallinn is still waiting for the final patches of snow to melt....

Tags: Students

08-04-2011 09:55    Comments    Blog

Swedbank Economic Outlook April 2011

A more balanced growth going forward

Tags: analysis, swedish and baltic economies, economic outlook

07-04-2011 11:39    Comments    Publications

Swedbank´s Monthly Market Outlook, April 6

06-04-2011 13:38    Comments    Videos

Purchasing Managers´ Index Services, March 2011

Tags: indecator, silf, purchasing manager index - services

06-04-2011 13:20    Comments    Publications

An interesting journey

An interesting journey

When you are in Vilnius, I recommend that you try their delicious dumplings and cold beetroot soup with boiled fresh potatoes - you will enjoy it:-).

Tags: advice, relationship

06-04-2011 08:40    Comments    Blog

Purchasing Managers´ Index March 2011

PMI falls to 58.6 in March 2011 – after last year’s rebound, industrial activity is increasing more slowly

Tags: Silf, Indicator, Purchasing Managers´ Index

04-04-2011 15:46    Comments    Publications

Sense of Spring in the Baltics

Sense of Spring in the Baltics

Let me take this opportunity to share some ideas on the exciting changes we are currently experiencing within Swedbank Baltic Banking region. My work takes me to the Baltic countries every week. I am looking out of my office window in Riga headquarters, overlooking the river Daugava and the sunny Riga city centre. Spring is starting to be in the air.

Tags: Baltics

04-04-2011 14:22    Comments    Blog

The World, Sweden and Östhammar in one afternoon

The World, Sweden and Östhammar in one afternoon

On Wednesday, 30 March, I went with “Arena for growth” to the municipality of Östhammar, www.osthammar.se north of Stockholm. Östhammar is a little pearl of a town, with old wooden houses right on the Baltic Sea and an extensive cultural heritage.

Tags: growth, CSR

04-04-2011 09:32    Comments    Blog

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January – March 2011

Swedbank’s interim report January – March 2011 will be published at 07.00 CET on Thursday, 28 April. You are invited to participate in the following presentations:

04-04-2011 09:30    Press releases

A star bank

A star bank

This weekend I read a fantastic article in one of the daily newspapers that I want to share with you...

01-04-2011 08:55    Comments    Blog

To the Point, No.3, 31 March 2011

Don´t ignore the white swans!

Tags: Economy, Analysis, To The Point

31-03-2011 18:33    Comments    Publications

The Swedish Economy, No. 3, 31 March 2011

Economy remains strong, but confidence sags

Tags: Analysis, The Swedish Economy, Monthly Newsletter

31-03-2011 10:30    Comments    Publications

We got a prize

We got a prize

I want to tell you about a prize we received last week. On March 24th, The Swedish Learning Association together with Promise, an e-learning trade organization, awarded Swedbank first prize for an e-learning product for our Environment and Sustainability e-learning course.

31-03-2011 09:13    Comments    Blog

Global Economic Outlook, March 2011

The global recovery has gained a footing – but the risk of a backlash remains

Tags: Analysis, Economy, Global, Outlook

29-03-2011 09:48    Comments    Publications

The need for a new kind of industrial revolution

The need for a new kind of industrial revolution

I like the way Peter Norman, our own Minister for Financial Markets, compares the financial sector’s work to the circulation of blood in the human body, transporting life giving oxygen and nutrients where they are needed to drive growth. What a challenge. What a responsibility. But above all, what an opportunity.

28-03-2011 12:49    Comments    Blog

Swedbank's Annual General Meeting 2011

At today's Annual General Meeting, Olav Fjell was elected to the Board of Directors. Current Board members Ulrika Francke, Göran Hedman, Lars Idermark, Anders Igel, Helle Kruse Nielsen, Pia Rudengren, Anders Sundström, Karl Henrik Sundström and Siv Svensson we re-elected. The Annual General Meeting re-elected Lars Idermark as Chair of the Board of Directors.

Tags: annual general meeting

25-03-2011 15:08    Press releases

The Global Economy No. 3/2011

Widening risks in the global economy

Tags: Global Economy, Swedbank, Economic Research Department, Japan, Middle East

25-03-2011 13:43    Comments    Publications

Switch off and switch path

Switch off and switch path

On Saturday hundreds of millions of people in more than 4500 cities all over the world will raise a global voice for the future of the planet.

25-03-2011 06:46    Comments    Blog

Swedbank Annual General Meeting tomorrow

Swedbank Annual General Meeting tomorrow

Tomorrow we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the venue Cirkus on the island Djurgården just outside the Stockholm city center.

24-03-2011 14:13    Comments    Blog

Building a customer-centric relationship

Building a customer-centric relationship

Our second TV commercial is now on air. After 6 weeks intense work with the agency Lowe Brindfors and Animation Studio Aardman – an emotional message about our bank as a true relationship partner to private and corporate customers is finally launched.

22-03-2011 10:00    Comments    Blog