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Euro changeover in Estonia – done

Euro changeover in Estonia – done

January has passed, half of February is over and only about 18 months to go to do this all over again.

Tags: euro, Estonia

18-02-2011 06:00    Comments    Blog

Swedbank’s early redemption and buyback of subordinated debt

Swedbank is working actively to manage the bank’s capital structure and as a part of this process has applied for, and been granted, approval by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (‘SFSA’) to buy back issued, subordinated Tier 2 debt securities amounting to SEK 10bn. SFSA’s approval is valid until 15 April 2011.

Tags: early redemption, securing stability

17-02-2011 15:11    Press releases

Swedbank "Hjärtedagen" video (in Swedish)

17-02-2011 13:35    Videos

Swedbank "Hjärtedagen" Ceremony at Nalen, Stockholm (in Swedish)

17-02-2011 13:26    Videos

Swedbank's customers donate SEK 45 million to non-profit organizations

On January 14th SEK 45 million was distributed to 79 non-profit organizations at the annual event, Hjärtedagen (The Heart Day), an initiative within the frame of Swedbank's engagement in society. The money comes from Swedbank's customers who save in charity funds.

Tags: Swedbank Robur, charity, donation, social engagement

17-02-2011 13:20    News

Young Jobs – a response to growing youth unemployment

Youth unemployment has become a growing problem in Sweden. Current numbers point out that 22 percent of the people in the ages 15 to 24 are listed as job seeking. Those who fail to get that first job might face long-term alienation and social stigmatization.

Tags: Young Jobs, youth unemployment

17-02-2011 11:53    News

Swedbank appoints Peter Wessel as Global Head of Equities Sales and Tomas Eriksson as Head of the broker/dealer operation in New York

Within the business area Large Corporates & Institutions Swedbank is currently developing an integrated Investment Banking and Corporate Banking organisation with the ambition of becoming a top 3 player towards preferred clients. In connection with this Peter Wessel has been appointed Global Head of Equities Sales and Tomas Eriksson has been appointed Head of Swedbank First LLC, the banks broker/dealer operation in New York.

17-02-2011 09:00    Press releases

Press Conference - Q4 2010

16-02-2011 11:34    Presentations

The Global Economy No.2/2011

Plenty of economic policy challenges still remain

Tags: Global Economy, Swedbank, inflation, challenges, Economic Research Department

16-02-2011 11:32    Publications

Strong belief that social responsibility is profitable for companies

Six out of ten in Sweden believe that companies that take a social responsibility will become more profitable than companies that do not. As consumers, Swedes also have a relatively high awareness of environmental, climate and social issues. At the same time there are very few who consider these issues when purchasing equities and mutual funds.

16-02-2011 11:00    Press releases

Swedbank relocates to new head quarters in Sundbyberg

Swedbank’s managment has decided to relocate all the bank’s operations at Swedbank’s head quarters, presently located in Gallerian in Stockholm city, to new premises in Sundbyberg, just outside of Stockholm city. The relocation will take place at year-end 2013-2014, but the planning process to establish the office building and the premises starts immediately.

Tags: head quarters, relocation, Sweden’s best work places

16-02-2011 08:00    Press releases

The Swedish repo rate raised. Cecilia Skingsley comments

Tags: Swedbank, Repo rate

15-02-2011 14:51    Videos

Life Under the Oak Tree - a Place Where Life Grows (in Swedish)

15-02-2011 13:00    Videos

Life Under the Oak - Behind the Scenes, Aardman Studios

Swedbank's New Brand Concept

15-02-2011 12:55    Videos

Nominations to Swedbank's Board of Directors 2011

Tags: Swedbank's Board of Directors, nomination committee, AGM

10-02-2011 09:30    Press releases

Swedbank Corporate Presentation December 2010

08-02-2011 17:01    Presentations

Euro - Behind the Scenes (in Estonian with English subtitle)

08-02-2011 14:11    Videos

Swedbank's CEO Michael Wolf comments on the year-end results for 2010

08-02-2011 13:51    Videos

Interim report 2010Stockholm, 8 February 2011

-  Operating profit amounted to SEK 3 179 m (3 631) -  Net interest income decreased by SEK 339m to SEK 4 069m -  Covered bonds amounting to SEK 234bn have been issued during the year

08-02-2011 08:10    Press releases

Year-end report 2010

08-02-2011 07:00    Press releases