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Swedbank has no exposure to Amagerbanken

With reference to the information about the Danish bank, Amagerbanken, which has been declared bankrupt and taken over by Finansiel Stabilitet, owned by the Danish government, we hereby declare that Swedbank has no exposure to Amagerbanken.

07-02-2011 09:48    Press releases

PMI – Services, January 2011

PMI – Services drops marginally to 65.9 in January: Service companies continue to expand

03-02-2011 15:29    Publications

Purchasing Managers' Index January 2011

PMI climbs to 61.5 in January – continued high rate of growth in Swedish industry

01-02-2011 15:18    Publications

To the Point - no 1/2011

An increasingly angry world

31-01-2011 15:13    Publications

The Swedish Economy, No 1/2011

A continued strong confidence

31-01-2011 15:07    Publications

The Lithuanian Economy, No 1/2011

Industrial production is booming, but so are producer prices

31-01-2011 14:56    Publications

Swedbank History Movie

30-01-2011 16:34    Videos

The Global Economy No 1/2011

Inflation is a growing risk for the global economy

26-01-2011 14:48    Publications

Swedbank Economic Outlook: Recovery on track - next step is to entrench growth (in Latvian)

25-01-2011 17:19    Videos

Challenges for the world economy 2011

21-01-2011 18:00    Videos

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Year-End Results January – December 2010

21-01-2011 15:50    Press releases

Swedbank’s First Securities receives top ranking in Norway

First Securities, which is a part of the business area Large Corporates & Institutions, receives the top six positions in Norwegian financial magazine Kapital’s ranking of analyst firms and equity brokers in Norway. The annual ranking is based upon a survey among Norway’s largest institutional and private investors.

21-01-2011 12:00    Press releases

Swedbank comments on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s sanction regarding shortcomings in the depositary bank service

Swedbank has received the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s sanction regarding shortcomings in the depositary bank function. Swedbank shares the Financial Supervisory Authority’s view that there have been shortcomings in Swedbank’s depositary bank function. The shortcomings that were called to attention have been corrected on Swedbank’s own initiative.

20-01-2011 08:06    Press releases

Michael Wolf awarded by the Estonian President

In connection with Estonia’s state visit toSweden, Swedbank’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Wolf receives the Order of the Cross of Terra Mariana of the third class from Estonia’s President Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

18-01-2011 13:00    Press releases

Suicide bombers in Stockholm, Wikileaks, weather disturbances, Facebook and PIIGS-crisis

This was the headline when Swedbank arranged a breakfast seminar about risk management seen from a security policy perspective. What is this world coming to? And how can risks be assessed? Tomas Ries, senior lecturer in strategy and security policy at the National Defence College in Stockholm, tackled these questions at the seminar.

Tags: risk management, security

14-01-2011 15:30    News

Swedbank Economic Outlook, January 2011

Recovery on track - next step is to entrench growth

13-01-2011 13:41    Publications

Energy & Commodities

Higher energy and food prices lift Swedbank’s Commodity Price Index

12-01-2011 10:24    Publications

Lithuania’s shadow economy and what’s behind it

27-12-2010 11:30    Publications

Our wishes for 2011: From bounceback to sustainable growth

21-12-2010 11:30    Publications

Swedbank Analysis Latvia

High unemployment in Latvia – is it here to stay?

13-12-2010 12:05    Publications