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BofA Merrill Lynch - Banking & Insurance CEO Conference

29-09-2010 10:51    Presentations

Nomination Committee for 2011

The 2011 Annual General Meeting of Swedbank AB will be held at Cirkus in Stockholm Friday 25 March 2011.

22-09-2010 10:00    Press releases

Swedbank Economic Outlook - 2010, September 21

21-09-2010 14:28    Publications

Savings Banks Association and Swedbank reach in-principle framework agreement

Swedbank has reached a framework agreement in principle with the savings banks. The agreement in principle, which has been approved by the Savings Banks Association’s board of directors, involve among other things a continued shared IT-platform, mortgage loans and fund sales.

20-09-2010 09:00    Press releases

Energy & Commodities - 2010 - August/September

17-09-2010 15:13    Publications

Swedbank's new mortgage loan pricing rationale - more transparent and sustainable

14-09-2010 17:22    Videos

Handelsbanken - Nordic Large Cap seminar 2010

14-09-2010 11:32    Presentations

Handelsbanken - Nordic Large Cap seminar 2010

14-09-2010 10:51    Presentations

UBS - Nordic Financials Conference 2010

02-09-2010 11:32    Presentations

UBS - Nordic Financials Conference 2010

02-09-2010 10:51    Presentations

Change of the distribution of shares in Swedbank due to conversion of preference shares to ordinary shares

02-09-2010 08:00    Press releases

Purchasing Managers’ Index - Report - 2010 August

01-09-2010 15:13    Publications

Swedbank no longer has any exposure to HQ Bank AB

30-08-2010 16:55    Press releases

Swedbank's exposure to HQ Bank AB

30-08-2010 11:40    Press releases

Swedbank’s Board of Directors resolves on a revised remuneration program to promote long-term sustainability

Swedbank’s Board of Directors has resolved on extensive changes in the bank’s performance based remuneration program for 2010. The program is the first of its kind in the Swedish banking market to convert a portion of variable cash remuneration to restricted shares. The Board’s resolution that a portion of the variable remuneration will be deferred and paid in the form of shares is subject to the approval of the 2011 Annual General Meeting.

20-08-2010 08:00    Press releases

Swedbank Baltic Sea Analysis No. 25

19-08-2010 10:31    Publications

Swedbank's Shanghai branch gets local currency licence

On 12 August 2010, the China Banking Regulatory Commission granted Swedbank a local currency licence - to use the Renminbi (RMB), mainland China's national currency.

18-08-2010 15:15    Press releases

Energy & Commodities - 2010, July/August

18-08-2010 15:13    Publications

Swedbank’s Global Economic Outlook, 2010 August

17-08-2010 14:28    Publications

Swedbank recruits Jens Henriksson to Financial Institutions

Swedbank appoints Jens Henriksson as Head of Bank Relations within Large Corporates & Institutions. He will also have an advisory role to the bank's management.

10-08-2010 08:50    Press releases