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Swedbank guarantees Swedbank Mortgage

18-12-2009 11:28    Press releases

Swedbank guarantees Swedbank Mortgage

18-12-2009 08:30    Press releases

Purchasing Managers’ Index Report November 2009

02-12-2009 14:36    Publications

Publication of change in the total number of shares and votes in Swedbank

30-11-2009 08:00    Press releases

KG Lindvall New Chairman Of Board of Swedbank Robur Fonder AB

At an extra Board meeting in Swedbank Robur Fonder AB, Thursday November 26, KG Lindvall was appointed new chairman of the Board. KG Lindvall replaces Mats Lagerqvist who has stepped down from the position as chairman.

26-11-2009 16:55    Press releases

To the Point, November 26 2009

26-11-2009 16:42    Publications

Björn Larsson New Head of Strategic Marketing and Branding at Swedbank

Björn Larsson, CEO and Chairman of Sweden’s and the Nordic region’s largest advertising agency, Lowe Brindfors, has been recruited as Senior Vice President and Head of Strategic Marketing and Branding at Swedbank with group responsibility for branding and strategic marketing.

26-11-2009 15:00    Press releases

Kjell Hedman will leave Swedbank in May 2010

Kjell Hedman, Head of Swedish Banking, has decided to leave Swedbank. He will continue as Head of Swedish Banking until May 30, 2010 and will on June 1 take up the position as CEO of Landshypotek AB. Kjell Hedman has worked at Swedbank since 1972 and has since 2007 been Head of Swedish Banking. According to current employment contract, he would have left his position at Swedbank at the end of 2010.

26-11-2009 13:00    Press releases

Changes to the Management and Board of Swedbank Robur

As part of ongoing changes at Swedbank, the bank has decided to make certain changes to the Board of the holding company Swedbank Robur AB, owning the fund management company Swedbank Robur Fonder AB. In connection to these changes, Mats Lagerqvist will resign as CEO of Swedbank Robur AB and move on externally.

23-11-2009 08:00    Press releases

Swedbank sells shares in Tallinn exchange to NASDAQ OMX to improve ability to develop more liquid Baltic capital markets

Swedbank has agreed with NASDAQ OMX Nordic, part of the NASDAQ OMX Group, to sell its minority stake in the NASDAQ OMX Tallinn exchange as part of a joint-effort to give NASDAQ OMX full ownership in the three Baltic exchanges and revitalize the countries’ capital markets.

18-11-2009 10:03    Press releases

Swedbank establishes Institutes of Private Finances in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

The Institute of Private Finances at Swedbank is extending its activity to comprise Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The goal is to increase knowledge in personal finances in all of the bank’s home markets.

18-11-2009 08:30    Press releases

Swedbank donates four million to charity ahead of Christmas

Swedbank continues its tradition to support charity organisations ahead of Christmas and donates four million SEK in Christmas gift to a number of charity organisations. It’s the twelfth consecutive year that Swedbank donates money to charity.

10-11-2009 14:30    Press releases

EIB Launches Debut Swedish Krona Climate Awareness Bonds In Collaboration With Swedbank

The European Investment Bank, EIB has in collaboration with Swedbank launched new “Climate Awareness Bonds” (CAB), for the first time in Swedish Krona. The proceeds will be used for future projects in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, thereby supporting climate protection.

04-11-2009 09:05    Press releases

Swedbank Markets hires Finnish equity and research team

To further strengthen Swedbank’s position as a leading Nordic and Baltic investment bank, Swedbank Markets is establishing a local equity and research team in Finland, building on a group of senior equity sales persons and analysts, previously of eQbank/Nordnet. The team is starting its work in the beginning of 2010.

03-11-2009 10:00    Press releases

Swedbank Analysis: The fiscal stance in Latvia

30-10-2009 16:42    Publications

Publication of change in the total number of shares and votes

Due to the rights issue of ordinary shares in Swedbank AB (publ) ("Swedbank"), the total numberof shares and votes in Swedbank as per 30 October 2009 amounts to 1,159,584,356. Of the total number of shares in Swedbank, 939,947,762 are ordinary shares and 219,636,594 are preference shares.

30-10-2009 08:00    Press releases

Swedbank inaugurates cash recycling machine for reduced cash handling

Today on the 28th of October at 11.00, Mats Odell, Minister for Local Government and Financial Markets inaugurates Swedbank’s new Q-CashRouter (QCR) at the Swedbank office on Hamngatan, Stockholm. The machine is a cash recycling machine designed to reduce cost for cash handling and to increase security. At the ceremony, Kjell Hedman, Vice Deputy President and Head of Swedish Banking, Swedbank, will attend together with Leif Lundblad, CEO of BANQIT and inventor of the QCR.

28-10-2009 09:00    Press releases

To the Point, October 27 2009

27-10-2009 16:41    Publications

Interim report January - September 2009

20-10-2009 07:00    Press releases

Interim report January- September 2009

20-10-2009 07:00    Press releases