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Swedbank appoints Michael Wolf as new CEO

05-11-2008 07:30    Press releases

Swedbank to participate in the stability plan

04-11-2008 08:30    Press releases

Welcome to the Extraordinary General Meeting of Swedbank on 25 November 2008

28-10-2008 09:11    Press releases

Swedbank announces SEK 12.4 billion rights issue fully underwritten by existing shareholders

27-10-2008 07:30    Press releases

CEO presentation of Q3 2008 results

23-10-2008 10:34    Presentations

Swedbank Mortgage Interim report January - September 2008

23-10-2008 07:57    Press releases

Swedbank - Interim report January - September 2008

23-10-2008 07:30    Press releases

Swedbank - Interim report January - September 2008

23-10-2008 07:30    Press releases

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Q3 results

20-10-2008 15:40    Press releases

Nomination Committee for 2009

The 2009 Annual General Meeting of Swedbank AB will be held in Stockholm Friday 24 April 2009.

10-10-2008 10:09    Press releases

Swedish companies see positive opportunities in Russia

The number of Swedish companies setting up a presence in Russia is increasing all the time and they are very positive to the opportunities Russia offers. However, there remain considerable challenges, particularly corruption which is considered a problem. This is highlighted in a business climate study jointly undertaken by the Swedish Trade Council and Swedbank.

08-10-2008 10:00    Press releases

Clarification on Swedbank's exposure to Icelandic banks.

07-10-2008 20:37    Press releases

Roadshow, Merrill Lynch Banking & Insurance Conference, London

07-10-2008 11:15    Presentations

Swedbank’s exposure on Icelandic banks

07-10-2008 11:03    Press releases

No provisioning for the secured exposure towards Lehman Brothers

07-10-2008 08:00    Press releases

The Swedish Trade Council and Swedbank present a joint study

03-10-2008 08:41    Press releases

Roadshow, Erkki Raasuke

01-10-2008 11:15    Presentations

Swedbank Robur acquires Banco Fonder AB

29-09-2008 09:00    Press releases

Changes in Swedbank’s Staff Management

17-09-2008 13:03    Press releases

Swedbank’s exposure to Lehman Brothers

16-09-2008 08:55    Press releases