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Changes in Swedbank’s Group Executive Management

Magnus Gagner Geeber has been appointed the new Head of Swedbank Markets and will become a new member of Swedbank’s Group Executive Management. Annika Wijkström, who currently heads Swedbank Markets, is taking over responsibility for the International Banking business area and will consequently succeed Anders Ek, who is retiring.

30-05-2008 12:00    Press releases

Roadshow Netherlands

23-05-2008 11:09    Presentations

Swedbank brand to be launched in the Baltic countries

In the autumn of 2008, the Hansabank brand in the Baltic countries will be changed to Swedbank. The full brand migration will take about one year and is expected to be completed by the autumn of 2009.

21-05-2008 06:00    Press releases

Ownership of Swedbank’s Russian operations transferred

12-05-2008 16:15    Press releases

Roadshow, Tokyo, Mikael Inglander and Anders Ek

07-05-2008 11:09    Presentations

Roadshow, London, Mikael Inglander CFO

05-05-2008 11:09    Presentations

Swedbank’s Annual General Meeting 2008

25-04-2008 15:32    Press releases

CEO presentation of Q1 2008 results

24-04-2008 10:34    Presentations

January - March 2008

24-04-2008 07:44    Press releases

Interim report Swedbank Mortgage Jan-Mar 2008

24-04-2008 07:36    Press releases

January - March 2008

24-04-2008 07:30    Press releases

Invitation to Swedbank’s Annual General Meeting

21-04-2008 15:44    Press releases

Swedbank Mortgage has converted to covered bonds

21-04-2008 12:16    Press releases

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Q1 2008 results

21-04-2008 09:10    Press releases

New Head of Swedbank Russia appointed

16-04-2008 10:41    Press releases

Swedbank Mortgage converts to covered bonds

11-04-2008 08:40    Press releases

Swedbank Mortgage converts to covered bonds

10-04-2008 08:48    Press releases

Roadshow London, Morgan Stanley Banking Conference

03-04-2008 11:09    Presentations

Q1 2008 Transcript Conference Call

31-03-2008 10:57    Presentations

Swedbank’s annual report available on the internet

20-03-2008 14:00    Press releases