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Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January-September 2014

08-10-2014 13:30    Press releases

Purchasing Managers' Index - Services, September 2014

Services PMI rose to 55.6 in September: A broad but modest increase in component indices

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers' Index, Services, September

03-10-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers' Index - September 2014

PMI climbed to 53.4 in September – production is recovering

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers' Index, September

01-10-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Russian conflict causes concern on the market

Weak European statistics, protests in Hong Kong and growing concerns about terrorism. Martin Bolander, market strategist at Swedbank Analysis, summarizes the macro situation last week.

Tags: analysis, comment

29-09-2014 17:00    Comments    News

The 2015 Annual General Meeting of Swedbank AB

23-09-2014 16:05    Press releases

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Consumption-driven growth in Sweden

Overall, last week showed positive development on equity markets in industrialised countries, while the development was weaker in emerging markets. There was some uncertainty on the foreign exchange market regarding the outcome of the Scottish election.

Tags: comment, analysis

22-09-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Increased expectations of rate cut in autumn

The global recovery is still very unsynchronized. The US is performing considerably better than the rest of the world, and especially better than Europe where the recovery seems to be increasingly protracted.

Tags: comment, analysis

15-09-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Nomination Committee for 2015

The following persons are the members of the Nomination Committee: Lennart Anderberg, appointed by owner-group Föreningen Sparbanksintressenter, Chair of the Nomination Committee; Ramsay Brufer, appointed by Alecta; Jens Henriksson, appointed by owner-group Folksam; Johan Sidenmark, appointed by AMF Försäkring och Fonder; Anders Sundström, Chair of the Board of Directors of Swedbank AB.

15-09-2014 10:00    Press releases

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Continued sluggish recovery in Europe

Last week was mostly positive on the equity markets. The most important event came at the end of the week when the ECB, earlier than expected, both lowered the policy rate and announced quantitative easing. The recovery in the United States has stabilised while the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues to negatively impact European growth.

Tags: comment, analysis

08-09-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Shares still a better investment than bonds

Continued central bank stimulus is one reason why we still have a positive outlook for shares . Going forward, they are expected to provide better returns than fixed-income investments.

Tags: analysis, comment

05-09-2014 13:13    Comments    News

Swedbank Chief Economist, Anna Felländer, on the Riksbank's Repo Rate Decision September 2014

Swedbank Chief Economist, Anna Felländer, comments on the Swedish Riksbank's decision to keep the repo rate unchanged.

Tags: repo rate

04-09-2014 15:56    Comments    Videos

The Swedish Riksbank: Repo rate unchanged at 0.25 per cent

The Executive Board of the Riksbank has decided to hold the repo rate unchanged at 0.25 per cent to contribute to the low inflation rate rising towards the inflation target of 2 per cent. As in the previous forecast, it is assessed to be appropriate to begin raising the repo rate towards the end of 2015, when inflation is clearly higher.

Tags: repo rate

04-09-2014 09:26    Comments    News

Purchasing Managers’ Index – Services

Services PMI drops to 54.2 in August: stable growth despite flagging orders

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers’ Index, Services, August

03-09-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers’ Index

PMI drops to 51.0 in August – production subdues activity in the industrial sector

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers’ Index, August

01-09-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Interview in CNBC: Magnus Alvesson comments on the coming election i Sweden

Magnus Alvesson, head of economic forecast at Swedbank, says the Swedish electorate is looking for an alternative to the current government.

28-08-2014 10:05    Comments    Videos

Swedbank Economic Outlook, August 2014

The global economy once again shaky - continued stimulus necessary

Tags: Economic Outlook, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, GDP, Global, Recovery, Interest rate

26-08-2014 09:00    Comments    Publications

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Stronger economic recovery in the United States

Statistics from the US keep coming in above expectations. A robust recovery in the US bodes well for the global economy in the second half of the year. However, Europe and China, show a slowdown.

Tags: analysis, comment

25-08-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Geopolitics affect markets

The US upside surprises, while Europe show more difficulties. The geopolitical situation, with civil unrest in many parts of the world, is affecting the markets a lot right now.

Tags: analysis, comment

20-08-2014 15:14    Comments    News

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Continued confidence in equities, but Europe is more sluggish

Shares are still a relatively better investment than bonds despite the valuation in many places being higher than before. Continued low interest rates and central banks’ stimulus measures are some of the reasons behind the bank's view.

12-08-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Swedbank's Nerijus Macillius the top Opinion Leader In Lithuania

Swedbank's Chief Economist in Lithuania, Nerijus Maciulis topped the list of opinion leaders for the second year in a row.

06-08-2014 14:00    Comments    News