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Swedbank launches a new website

24-01-2008 10:27    Press releases

Swedbank Capital Markets Day 2008

22-01-2008 12:00    Press releases

New Head of Hansabank Estonia appointed

22-01-2008 10:30    Press releases

Swedbank Robur named Fund Manager of the Year for 2007

21-01-2008 08:30    Press releases

New Head of Group Communications of Swedbank appointed

07-01-2008 11:15    Press releases

Swedbank acquires corporate finance business in Russia

Swedbank has signed an agreement today regarding the acquisition of ZAO OKO Capital Vostok, a Russian company active in corporate finance from Finnish OKO Bank. The company is active in investment banking with a main focus on financial advice to Nordic and Russian companies in relation to acquisitions and divestures of companies and businesses in Russia. The company has seven employees.

21-12-2007 12:45    Press releases

TAS-Kommerzbank in Ukraine renamed to Swedbank

06-12-2007 09:00    Press releases

Caroline Sundewall declines reelection to Swedbank’s Board of Directors

23-11-2007 09:00    Press releases

New head of Swedish Banking at Swedbank

16-11-2007 08:00    Press releases

Swedish Quality Index: Swedbank has Sweden’s most satisfied customers in life and pension insurance

12-11-2007 08:00    Press releases

Swedbank Mortgage interim report jan-sep 2007

24-10-2007 13:08    Press releases

January - September 2007

24-10-2007 12:10    Press releases

January - September 2007

24-10-2007 12:05    Press releases

Nomination Committee for 2008

23-10-2007 09:00    Press releases

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Q3 results

18-10-2007 10:43    Press releases

Swedbank gives its name to the Nordic region’s biggest arena

15-10-2007 12:00    Press releases

Swedbank re-launch their Custody Offerings in cooperation with JPMorgan

02-10-2007 16:30    Press releases

Swedbank introduces new business segment reporting

02-10-2007 13:30    Press releases

Increased focus on corporate finance business in the Nordic and Baltic regions

01-10-2007 11:00    Press releases

Swedbank given green light to resume Russian operations

05-09-2007 08:59    Press releases