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Swedbank Mortgage interim report Jan-June 2007

07-08-2007 11:55    Press releases

January - June 2007

07-08-2007 11:29    Press releases

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Q2 results

26-07-2007 14:42    Press releases

Swedbank closes acquisition of TAS-Kommerzbank

09-07-2007 13:40    Press releases

Swedbank announces mutual fund marketplace, giving customers greater freedom of choice

12-06-2007 08:57    Press releases

Swedbank OAO subject to public authority intervention

07-06-2007 09:28    Press releases

Hansabank in Russia renamed to Swedbank

15-05-2007 11:00    Press releases

Swedbank opens a branch in China

Swedbank has obtained financial license from China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) and business license from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, to open a bank branch in Shanghai. The Shanghai branch will provide Nordic and Baltic corporate clients with full lending and deposit-taking services in foreign currencies as well as trade finance, treasury and payment services.

02-05-2007 13:00    Press releases

Swedbank’s Annual General Meeting 2007: Increased internationalization of the Board

27-04-2007 15:20    Press releases

Swedbank Mortgage interim report January-March 2007

25-04-2007 12:08    Press releases

January - March 2007

25-04-2007 12:00    Press releases

Swedbank and Folksam sign agreement on asset management, property and liability insurance and group life insurance

24-04-2007 08:00    Press releases

Invitation to Swedbank’s Annual General Meeting

20-04-2007 09:30    Press releases

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s Q1 results

18-04-2007 14:05    Press releases

Restatement of net interest income and net gains and losses on financial items at fair value

02-04-2007 13:23    Press releases

Swedbank's Annual Report on the Internet

26-03-2007 12:56    Press releases

Further internationalisation of the Board of Swedbank

The Nomination Committee of Swedbank has proposed Gail Buyske and Simon F.D. Ellis as new members of the Board of Directors of Swedbank. The Nomination Committee proposes the re-election of Chair Carl Eric Stålberg, Ulrika Francke, Berith Hägglund-Marcus, Göran Johnsson, Anders Nyblom and Caroline Sundewall. Thomas Johansson and Mart Laar have declined re-election.

15-03-2007 08:00    Press releases

Henrik Kolga steps down as Head of Communications

12-03-2007 10:30    Press releases

This information will be ditributed as a press release at 10:30 pm today.

Henrik Kolga steps down as Head of Communications

12-03-2007 09:33    Press releases

Invitation: seminar on Latvian economy with Chief Economist from Central Bank of Latvia

08-03-2007 09:47    Press releases