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FöreningsSparbanken’s (Swedbank) first quarter report 2006

12-04-2006 15:00    Press releases

Mikael Inglander appointed CFO in FöreningsSparbanken

12-04-2006 09:00    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken' s (Swedbank) Annual Report 2005

06-04-2006 08:00    Press releases

Peter Magnusson appointed Head of Human Resources

04-04-2006 08:00    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken's subsidiary Hansabank opens branch in St Petersburg

24-03-2006 12:02    Press releases

Håkan Wilson appointed acting head of IR for FöreningsSparbanken

23-03-2006 16:17    Press releases


WELCOME TO FÖRENINGSSPARBANKEN’S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ON APRIL 25, 2006.Shareholders in FöreningsSparbanken AB are hereby notified that the Annual General Meeting will be held at Malmö Opera och Musikteater, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 20, in Malmö, on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at 13.00 (CET).

23-03-2006 08:03    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken’s subsidiary Hansabank opens branch in S:t Petersburg

Hansabank Russia will open its S:t Petersburg branch on Friday 24 March. A press conference will be held at 12.30 (local time) at the “Swedish Brands and Senses” trade fair, organised by the Swedish Trade Council, Isaac’s Square 1. The press conference will be in English.

20-03-2006 15:36    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken’s Board of Directors proposes name change

The Board of Directors of FöreningsSparbanken is proposing to the Annual General Meeting on April 25 to change the name of the parent company to Swedbank, which is the international name for the bank since 1983. Provided that the meeting adopts the Board’s proposal, a review of the brand structure for the entire Group will commence later this year.

15-03-2006 11:57    Press releases

Year-end report 2005

15-02-2006 08:11    Press releases

Year-end report 2005

15-02-2006 08:05    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank) 2005 full-year report

10-02-2006 09:00    Press releases

Changes in FöreningsSparbanken’s accounting

07-02-2006 17:15    Press releases

Nomination to the Board of FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank) 2006

07-02-2006 15:00    Press releases

Swedbank closes its FX and Fixed Income activities in London

06-12-2005 10:25    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken’s branch in Helsinki opens

22-11-2005 10:00    Press releases

FöreningsSparbanken named Bank of the Year

22-11-2005 09:00    Press releases

EBRD and Hansabank agree on long-term partnership in Russia

08-11-2005 10:38    Press releases

Interim report Spintab January-September 2005

27-10-2005 12:38    Press releases

Interim report January – September 2005

27-10-2005 12:32    Press releases