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Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Risk appetite can be affected by global concerns

According to Martin Bolander, market strategist at Swedbank Research, the markets are at present mainly focused on the geopolitical situation in Israel/Gaza and Russia/Ukraine. So far, bond and equity markets have not reacted in any significant way, except in Russia. However, risk appetite, as always, is being affected by the concern and uncertainty.

28-07-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Swedbank Corporate Presentation 30 June 2014

A short presentation of Swedbank Group, 30 June 2014.

18-07-2014 12:35    Comments    Presentations

Interview in CNBC: Digitalisation having big impact

Watch the CNBC inteview with Michael Wolf.

18-07-2014 09:45    Comments    Videos

Presentation of Q2 2014 Results from the Press Coference

Presentation of the second quarter results from the press conference by CEO Michael Wolf and CFO Göran Bronner.

18-07-2014 08:11    Comments    Presentations

Interim Report January - June 2014

18-07-2014 06:49    Press releases

Emerging markets outlook, July 2014

Fundamentals and markets diverge

Tags: Russia, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea, India, China, Emerging markets outlook

08-07-2014 10:00    Comments    Publications

Invitation to presentation of Swedbank’s interim report January - June 2014

03-07-2014 14:15    Press releases

Purchasing Managers’ Index – Services, June 2014

Services PMI drops to 54.6 in June: stable growth in the service sector.

Tags: PMI, Services, Purchasing Managers’ Index, June

03-07-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Sparbanken Öresund's financial impact on Swedbank

02-07-2014 08:35    Press releases

Purchasing Managers’ Index - June 2014

PMI climbs to 54.8 in June – improvement driven byincreased orders.

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers’ Index, June 2014

01-07-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Swedbank in Sweden: Nu finns utgiftskollen i Mobilbanken

30-06-2014 17:00    Comments    Videos

Commodities and Energy - May 2014

Uncertainty about supplies lifts energy prices

Tags: Commodities, Oil, Index

24-06-2014 17:00    Comments    Publications

Weekly Comment from Swedbank: Market waits for interest rate messages in Sweden and the US

The general belief among economists is that the Swedish Riksbank will cut the interest rate in July. But what will the US central bank signal about future interest rate increases? This is what market players are currently focusing on.

16-06-2014 14:00    Comments    News

Swedbank receives approval to use advanced IRB approach

16-06-2014 08:00    Press releases

Purchasing Managers’ Index – Services, May 2014

Services PMI rises to 58.5 in May: the service sector continues to grow at a high rate

Tags: PMI, Services, May, Purchasing Managers’ Index

04-06-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Global economy continues upward

Monthly comment from Swedbank: Global growth and positive performance in many of the world’s stock markets are expected to continue. The greatest potential is in Europe; stock markets in Sweden and the US currently have relatively highly valuations. The rise in long-term rates seems slow in coming.

02-06-2014 17:00    Comments    News

Purchasing Managers’ Index - May 2014

PMI drops to 54.1 in May – growth in the industrial economy continues to slow

Tags: PMI, May, Purchasing Managers’ Index

02-06-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Swedbank’s acquisition of Sparbanken Öresund approved

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority today approved Swedbank’s acquisition of Sparbanken Öresund and the creation of Sparbanken Skåne*. All permissions have now been granted and the integration process will start.

16-05-2014 14:00    Press releases

Macro Focus - May 2014

What is needed for a 50 basis point cut in July?

Tags: Riksbank, basis point, KIX, July

12-05-2014 13:00    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers’ Index - Services, April 2014

Services PMI climbs to 57.8 in April: service economy picking up steam, with growing business activity and new orders

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers’ Index, Services, April

06-05-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications