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Eskilstuna Rekarne Sparbank acquires two of Swedbank’s local branch offices

24-03-2009 08:15

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Swedbank has agreed to the sale of its local branch offices in Mariefred and Strängnäs to Eskilstuna Rekarne Sparbank. Through the acquisition Eskilstuna Rekarne Sparbank highlights its role as a local and regional actor, further strengthening their joint customer offering through its partnership with Swedbank in the local counties Eskilstuna and Strägnas. Simultaneously, Eskilstuna Rekarne Sparbank changes name to Sparbanken Rekarne.

Through the sale Swedbank’s and Sparbanken Rekarne’s existing partnership continues further. The collaboration with Swedbank is important for Sparbanken Rekarnes’ future development as a professional and cost effective bank service.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to strengthen our local presence and develop the business in Strängnäs and Mariefred. The acquisition aims to benefit customers, colleagues and the entire region. We want to continue to be a positive driving force in the local community and support the idea behind sparbanken further”, says Mats Hammarbäck, CEO at Sparbanken Rekarne.

”We have a long-term partnership with Sparbanken Rekarne and also hold a 50 percent stakehold in the bank. We look forward to a continued successful collaboration allowing for further joint offers to our customers” says Kjell Hedman, Head of Swedish Banking at Swedbank.

All employees at the local branch offices in Strängnäs are Mariefred are invited to continue with the new organisation. Consequent to the acquisition Swedbank will make a profit of 45 million SEK.

Media are invited to a press conference on March 24th at 09.30am in Swedbank’s offices in Strängnäs, Trädgårdsgatan 14-18.

Read more about Sparbanken Rekarne on www.ersab.se and about Swedbank on www.swedbank.se

For further information:
Mats Hammarbäck, CEO, Sparbanken Rekarne, phone +46 70-682 96 83, mats.hammarback@ersab.se
Anders Wahlström, Chair, Sparbanken Rekarne, phone, +46 73-055 20 17
Hans Kindahl, Head of marketing, Sparbanken Rekarne, phone: +46 70-682 96 86, hans.kindahl@ersab.se

Alf Säde, Regional head of Swedbank Södermanland, phone: +46 70-699 53 70, alf.sade@swedbank.se
Anna Sundblad, Press Officer, Swedbank, phone: +46 70-321 39 95, anna.sundblad@swedbank.com