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Swedbank gives its name to the Nordic region’s biggest arena

15-10-2007 12:00

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Swedbank will be the main financier and will give its name to the Nordic region’s biggest arena, which is being built in the new Arena City in Solna. The arena will be called the Swedbank Arena and will be one of Europe’s most modern and environmentally friendly arenas for sport, culture and business. The Swedish savings bank foundations will also support Swedbank Arena financially. Swedbank and the Swedish savings bank foundations’ investment totals SEK 153 million. The investment will be spread over a period of 16 years, a smaller proportion during the construction period, then increasing up to 2023.

”This is in line with Swedbank’s values of creating opportunities for social development and business development, which will benefit many people. In this way, Swedbank Arena will have a unique dimension of use. As a central point in the new Arena City, Swedbank Arena will also contribute to a living metropolitan district, and a meeting place for national and international events intended for a broad range of target groups,” says Swedbank’s Chairman of the Board, Carl Eric Stålberg.

”The Swedish savings bank foundations are the biggest owner of Swedbank. Through the foundations, some of Swedbank’s profits go back to the local community through investment in such areas as research and business development. It is therefore natural that we also get involved in national matters of importance, such as Swedbank Arena, which puts the metropolitan region and Sweden on the world map,” says Allan Karlsson, Chairman of the Board of Sparbankstiftelsernas Förvaltnings AB.

”With Swedbank we have an ideal partner, who in very long-term agreements, is buying the name rights, participates in financial solutions and is developing a secure, efficient payments system for the arena. Swedbank has contributed to giving the Swedish people the best possible replacement for the old Råsunda.
”At the same time, through this sponsor deal which is of record size, we show the values we contribute to our partners who wish to use the arena in their relationship with their customers,” says Sune Reinhold, Chairman of the Board of the arena project and the Arena City project.

Swedbank Arena will be completed by 2011-2012, and is owned by the Swedish Football Association, Solna stad, Peab, Fabege and Jernhusen. The capacity for football is 50 000 spectators, and for concerts over 60 000 people.
The entire arena is heated and can be enclosed under a roof.