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Swedbank introduces a new financial target during its capital markets day

23-02-2011 12:45

In conjunction with today’s capital markets day, Swedbank is introducing a new financial target regarding the bank’s return. The return on equity shall amount to 15 per cent.

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The bank’s other financial targets, set by the Board in early February 2011, refer to capitalisation and dividend. Long-term, the core Tier 1 capital ratio will not be below 10 per cent. Due to current uncertainties in the economic and regulatory environment, the bank will maintain a core Tier 1 capital ratio above 13 per cent until 2013. The dividend will correspond to 50 per cent of after-tax profit, provided that the bank meets its capitalisation targets. The new dividend policy takes effect in the financial year 2011.

During the day, Swedbank will present its strategy, how the bank is governed and its commercial business areas.

The capital markets day will be webcast live at www.swedbank.se/ir, where a recording of the presentations, including PDF, will also be available.


Further information, please contact:
Johannes Rudbeck, Head of Investor Relations, Swedbank, phone +46 8 58 59 33 22
Thomas Backteman, Head of Corporate Affairs, Swedbank, phone +46 708 311 166


Johannes Rudbeck
Johannes Rudbeck
Head of Investor Relations
+46 70 582 5656
Thomas Backteman
Thomas Backteman
Head of Corporate Affairs
+46 708 311 166