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Swedbank re-launch their Custody Offerings in cooperation with JPMorgan

02-10-2007 16:30

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Swedbank announces the re-launch of their Custody offering together with a unique cooperation with JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services.

Custody is a vital component of the Swedbank product line and has been for many years, serving a client base which includes both domestic and international institutions.

In response to client needs, market changes and infrastructure development, Swedbank will now re-launch its line of Custody products and services offered to clients. The innovative steps which are now being taken will enable Swedbank to utilize JPMorgan’s state of the art technical structure, advanced suite of products and sophisticated global securities knowledge in conjunction with Swedbank’s strong client servicing and local market expertise.

In addition, Swedbank and JPMorgan will cooperate in marketing custody services in Sweden and the Baltics. This cooperation and technical product development will ensure that Swedbank’s securities products not only meet current client demands but can benefit from future product and technical advancements by JPMorgan. At the same time, Swedbank will increase focus on regional market expertise and client servicing.

Swedbank will also expand its capacity by offering Custody services in all four Nordic countries as well as in the Baltics.

For further information:
Annika Wijkström, Head of Swedbank Markets, phone: +46 8 5859 1397
Birgitte Bonnesen, Head of CRM, Swedbank Markets, phone: +46 8 5859 1141
Neal Meacham, Head of Custody, phone: +46 70 341 80 40