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Purchasing Managers´Index February 2012

01-03-2012 08:30

PMI drops to 50.3 in February 2012 – halting recovery for the industrial economy

  • The PMI dropped 1.1 points from 51.4 in January to 50.3 in February. This indicates that the recovery in the Swedish industrial economy has leveled off somewhat. The hovering of the PMI around the 50 mark signals a halting recovery for the industrial economy as the order scenario deteriorates and companies refrain from hiring new personnel.
  • However, the PMI’s component indices are sending mixed signals. The indices for new orders and production dropped, but delivery times are increasing and companies are ratcheting up production plans for the next six months.
  • The index for commodity and intermediate goods prices rose for the second consecutive month, reaching 52.5 in February. That said, this index level indicates that price pressure from producers remains limited.


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