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Swedbank Economic Outlook Update

Global recovery threatened by political risks

Tags: Swedbank Economic Outlook, April, 2016

14-04-2016 08:00    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers’ Index - April 2015

PMI rose to 55.7 in April – new orders turn higher

Tags: PMI, April, 2015

04-05-2015 08:30    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers’ Index - Services, April 2014

Services PMI climbs to 57.8 in April: service economy picking up steam, with growing business activity and new orders

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers’ Index, Services, April

06-05-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications

Purchasing Managers' Index - April, 2014

PMI drops to 55.5 in April – industry continues to expand, but at a slower pace

Tags: PMI, Purchasing Managers' Index, April

02-05-2014 08:30    Comments    Publications